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Dear Darren and Daniel,

Over the past couple of years, you've given your fans a lot to be thankful for. You've shared with us your deepest emotions in music which has touched all our lives in many different ways. Through your music, you both have become an instrument in our struggles, our victories, our loves, and our losses. But, most importantly, you've given us a major gift that we will never be able to repay you for....each other.

Although our words are bound to fall short of the gratitude we feel for you both, members of The Savage Addicts and The Savage Request lists want to take the time to thank you in their own words. We hope our heartfelt words will touch your hearts, even if it's just a fraction of how deeply your words have touched ours.

In addition to our words, members of these groups have donated $250.00 in the name of Savage Garden to the Coalition Against Domestic Violence in honor of Two Beds ad a Coffee Machine. Contributions were made by Lori (Yarmouth, Maine, USA ), Liberty (Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA), Cindy (Haslett, MI, USA), Mimi (Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA), Amelia (Houston, TX, USA), Jorja (Pittsfield, MA, USA), Tiff (Milford, DE, USA), Sharon (Columbus, MT, USA), Liz (Leavittown, NY, USA), Chris (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Kara (Harrisburg, PA, USA), Donna (Sewell, NJ, USA), Jeannie (Australia), Sadora (Radcliff, KY, USA), Joycelyn (North Kansas City, MO, USA), Andrea (Yorktown Heights, NY, USA), Michy (Australia), Jessie (Louisville, KY, USA), and Sharnell (Tonopah, AZ, USA). It is our hope that by spreading your words of peace and love we can touch other people's lives and make them happier, just as you've done for us.

In closing, we'd like to wish you both luck in your future endeavors. While we are saddened that Savage Garden is taking a break, we support you both in every decision. And we hope more than anything else that you both make decision in your lives that make you happy.

Your fans

Mimi: I have been a fan of yours since the very beginning, and while I have always been aware of the amazing inspiration your music has provided, never before has it been so evident. Very recently, my Grandfather passed away. He was my hero, my Father Figure, and my Guardian Angel. At first, I believed his passing would leave me shattered...unable to pick up the pieces without him there to pat me on the shoulder and tell me everything would be okay. But that was not to be the case. In his final days, he was in a "Death Coma", and his nurse informed me that hearing was the last sense to go. Standing at his bedside, I found myself at a loss for words. I knew he could hear me, and for the first time in our lives, I became aware of the fact the tables had turned. It was now my turn to say that everything would be okay, but I could not bring myself to vocalize that thought. Glancing at my "Affirmation" CD, I found the answer to my dilemma. I put my CD in the stereo, and played "You Can Still Be Free" for him. Your eloquent lyrics spoke volumes on my behalf, and I knew he understood that everything I wanted to say was expressed through the music. He passed on two days later, and I again turned to your CD for the answer to my pain. When the haunting melodies of "You Can Still Be Free" filled the room, I figured I would be overcome by sorrow. I found the opposite to be true. The words comforted me. For the first time, I was able to step away from the thought that I would never see him again. Instead, I was filled with happiness at the realization he was at last free from pain. I knew at that moment he had finally found peace, and that my Guardian Angel had at last been given the wings he worked so hard at earning during his time with us here on earth.
I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for providing my with the inspiration I needed not once, but twice during the most difficult time of my life as of yet. I can only hope that you understand the magnitude of the effect your music has on many of us. Through your music you have touched me in ways I never imagined, and I will always be grateful for everything you have inspired in me. I will be a fan until the very end. Thank you for being everything that you are, and always will be. Here is wishing you the absolute best in any path you choose to take from here. No matter where those paths may lead you, you will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Liberty: Dear Darren and Daniel: I have so many things to thank you for, so I don't quite know where to begin. I suppose I could start off by thanking you for writing songs that truly mirror parts of my life. For many years I felt so though no one understood what I was going through. Somehow with a few pen strokes you were able to make me feel as though there was someone out there who truly understood what is was like to feel sad at times, and lonely at times. Now, during those times all I need to do is turn on your music and I don't feel so alone. I could also thank you for writing the song Two Beds and a Coffee Machine because that song spoke to me as well. I was blest with truly fabulous parents. I am proud to say that song is not one I relate to personally. However, that song, along with a couple of others on the topic of domestic violence inspired me to work with victims of such violence. I feel so selfish working with these woman and children sometimes, because I'm getting paid to help them, and because they've given me more wisdom and inspiration than I ever expected. But, what I would like to say thank you for more so than anything else you've given me is for bringing such wonderful people into my life. You guys truly have some of the sweetest fans in the world. They are people who may not always see eye to eye, but they share a love for you, and for each other. I especially want to thank you guys for the group of friends whom I've been blessed to meet. With them I truly have been able to find happiness, and a feeling of belonging. I love you both for giving me that gift. Darren, I was lucky enough to meet you on a couple of occasions. Those are memories I will never, ever forget. Thank you for being one of, if not the sweetest person I've ever met. Thank you for trusting us, even though you just met us, and thank you for just being you.
Even though the possibility of Savage Garden splitting up saddens me, I want you to know that I respect the decisions you make and I will cheer you both on no matter what you decide to do with your lives. I wish you two all of the happiness, inspiration, and friendship that you've blessed us with.

Lori: Darren and Daniel - How can I possibly describe, in a paragraph, all of the joy the two of you have brought into my life? At a time when I needed inspiration and hope, Savage Garden was there to lift my spirits and make me smile. Your music calms me when Im nervous, it soothes me when Im upset, and it gives me hope when Im ready to give up. Because of Savage Garden, I have met some of the worlds most wonderful people and Ive made friends who will live in my heart for a long time to come. For all of this, I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Ive had the pleasure of seeing you perform several times (each time more exciting than the time before!), and Ive had the honor of meeting you both on a couple of occasions. They are times I will treasure forever. Although I will miss you a great deal while you are pursuing new opportunities, I wish you both much love and happiness. What you give is what you get returned.

Cindy: Darren and Daniel, I love you guys. I really do. Your music has brought such joy into my life. I love promoting it because it's so unique and special and it's changed my life in so many ways. Because of you I have met some really great people that I'm sure will be lifelong friends. I've been inspired to learn about the music industry and found that it's something I have a passion for. Who would have thought a boring financial analyst for State government would find happiness as a fan promoting a pop band? *lol* It's a lot of work, but it is fun, and you're worth it.

Thanks for a great "Affirmation" tour. Every concert that I went to this year was so fun. You gave us your all in every performance and we love you for that. You are leaving us with a lot of wonderful memories. Thanks for all of the little things you did for me last summer, Darren. From giving me the drumstick and the kiss at Radio City *smile* to taking the time to talk and sign all of that stuff for me for the contests. You are the nicest guy I have ever met. Daniel, keep flashing those smiles. They are beautiful.

I'm going to miss you guys like crazy, but above all, I want you to be happy. Daniel, good luck with Halogen and all of your other projects. We'll be following any news about you and wishing you all the best. Darren, you know how excited I am about your solo career. I'll be right there to support you all the way, 100%. You are the very best and I have so much confidence in you. Thanks for everything. I love you both and wish you much happiness in whatever road you choose to take with your lives and careers. No matter what, no one will ever take your place in my heart. I will always be very proud to be a Savage Garden fan and I hope someday you two will do another album together and treat us to more of your special magic.

Tiff:Hi Darren and Dan, Wow, I don't know where to begin. There are so many things I wanted to say but I know I have to keep it brief. First of all, I want to say Thank You for the beautiful music and messages you bring into our lives. They touch each and every one of us.
You have helped so many people, myself included, (Hey Darren--still driving LOL) and we all love you for that. Your music means a lot to us and brings a smile to our face everyday. The Tour---I want to Thank You for bringing Affirmation to us and putting on such a great and energizing show. I was lucky enough to go to two concerts this summer---Philly and Bethlehem---and they were the best two nights of my life. I will never forget those shows. The "Break"---Daniel I wish you all the best in your producing. Darren I wish you all the best in your solo career. I support both of you in whatever decision the both of you make with whatever path you choose in life. I just wanted to let you know how much your fans truly love the BOTH of you. You are both very special to us.

Sharon:Dearest Darren and Daniel, Your music has lit up my life in a way I never knew possible.
I am 47 years old and I saw the birth of many things including the Beatles..whom I have kept dear to my heart since that day I first saw them so long ago on Ed Sullivan. Them and Star Trek have been life long companions to me..
But the moment in time I heard TMD for the first time at my daughters is etched in my mind and will always remain..Your music..the words , the my favorite in my whole life. No one has ever , nor will ever compare to it..Darren your voice , your songs live in my heart and soul and will for all time.
Thank you for helping me through my back surgery the first of the year. the lyrics were over and over in my head as I went in for the operation..I listened non stop during my recovery..this was in late February..I had MUCH MUSIC on when C&B premiered , I can remember for a brief moment , my fears about not recovering properly left me..
thank you..thank you for being part of my daily life..
I shall miss Savage Garden while you take your break..I shall look excitedly forward to your solo CD Darren , My husband I traveled 1500 miles round trip to see you in August in Puelblo Colorado..thank you for the most exciting time I ever had!! Darren I shall travel that far to see you solo and again when SG tours next time..
You are number one now and always in my book..
thank you for making my life better..thank you for the kindness you show so many people..Thank you for letting me come together with other fans and make friendships that will last. Your talent knows no age boundaries..I may be 47 but my heart still beats 18.

Sharnell:Dear Darren and Daniel, Writing letters is usually incredibly easy for me, but I am finding myself at a loss for words-for once! :) I just have so much that I want to say that I'm not sure where to begin, and I also want to say it in as few words as possible since you're probably reading quite a few of these! :)
....I am sooo truly a better person because of you! Like so many other people, I have been moved and inspired to NO END by your amazing music...lyrics...guitar-playing...voice.... (Darren, can I just tell you how much I love your vibrato? :) And Daniel, the music you write is so amazing and I love watching you play like there's no tomorrow!)
I digress. It's a habit of mine. :)
Your sincerity and genuine love toward your fans is deserve every bit of support your receive because of how much you care. You're right when you say Savage Garden has the best fans in the world, because you give us reason to be!
Thanks to the two of you, I have realized that being a music major at my university is a wonderful thing for me and probably one of the best decisions I have made. Music is honestly my life, and although studying it can be quite difficult AND discouraging, I know that it is so perfect for me! I know that I'm am doing this for the right reasons, because I can't imagine my life any other way, and I'm really looking forward to my graduation in the near future *fingers crossed* and my musical career whether it be teaching, performing or writing, etc...and wherever it takes me.
You didn't bring the "Affirmation" World Tour to Arizona. Thank you! OK, so it would've been easier to have attended concerts in my own state, but as happy as I would've been had you come here, it all really worked out for the best. I took 2 road trips - one with a couple of my friends to Pueblo, CO; and another to California by myself. Both experiences were great, and the shows were fantastic, but there was something really special about my solo road trip of fun to Cali. Despite the fact that I got lost like, 12 times in those 3 days, it was such an amazing trip for me! I met new friends, sat in the audience at Leno, avoided parallel parking like a pro, stayed coherent for 28 hours (a record for me!), made it back to my hotel room in 1 piece, learned the Cali style of driving (someone actually yelled at me when i got back to AZ-OOPS!), fell in LOVE with California on my way to San Diego, reconnected with old friends, met wonderful people after the show and started the chanting and singing for you with about 4 others..and then got everyone to join in (did you hear us?), got your autograph-Darren-thanks(I was the one who said I'd driven 12 hours to get there), and I was exposed to soooo much human kindness that would take me too long to explain.... The most important thing I gained from this trip was a newfound independence and confidence. I now know that I can do anything, and I will. (Watch for me on millionaire! :])
Then I was introduced to the BBS...and Cindy's Savage Requests site/list serve...and the Addicts.... Wow. What beautiful people! I've met so many and have found some that I just know will be lifelong friends...and I can't wait to meet them face to face... So, there you have it. I am such a stronger person because of you and I thank you. You both have my never-ending support in the future, and I wish you the best. Hopefully, I will really meet you someday! Take care of yourselves, we loyal fans want you to be happy and healthy most of all!

Ashley :Darren and Daniel: First of all I would like to thank you both for putting so much truth and emotion into every song. I have listened to the songs over and over, and in every single one there is nothing but truth. That's what I love about you both! I am a very upset about the break, but I understand that it is for the best for both of you! Good luck to you both, and don't worry, I will always stay savage!

Chris :Dear Darren and Daniel, I hope you both are well and kicking to go on your break! :) You made my dreams come true this summer and I am thrilled that I got to tell you (on stage in Vancouver!!), that I love you. I hope you leave on your break knowing you have succeeded in changing people's lives. You have touched me so deeply it makes me weep sometimes, changed my life for the better, like I didn't think was possible. You are angels in my world and will stay that way forever. I wish you both the greatest success and happiness for your projects to come, and I pray every day that you will come back together to produce what I consider to be music that keeps my heart beating. I can't say goodbye, I'll just say, see you soon. All my love, respect and well wishes (smushed into huggles and duggles)

Jeannie :Thank you for your music! Thank you for 2 great shows, first in Perth and second in Sydney 2000..memories forever!! I just hope Darren and Daniel know how much there music touches the soul and eases the pain. Words elude me ..I cant praise Savage Garden enough!..Maybe this will help! haha..Love Jeannie and my daughter Alicia who I dedicate I Knew I Loved You too.. can I do that?..OK..thanks Darren.. Love forever..!

Anna Julian:Darren and Daniel: Daniel,I believe that you are the most talented instrumentalist in the pop world, if not the whole world. Darren, I believe that you have the most beautiful voice and your ability with words and song writing is indescribable. Listening to your music live, or on radio is heaven to me. I drove five and a half hours to another town for your concert and then waited another 6 to see you on stage from 5 rows back. One of my dreams was to meet you both and say these things to your face, but hopefully my letter will reach you both. Thank You both from the bottom of my heart.

Sara:Hi Darren and Daniel! Hope everything has gone well during the final leg of your world tour. I probably can't even imagine how hectic and tiring it must be. Any ways, I'm writing this email to thank the both of you once again for everything that you have done for the fans and, on a personal level, myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of listening to your songs . . . they will always have a special place in my heart. Daniel, you happen to be one very talented musician. The music for "To the Moon and Back" was probably what made me become such a huge fan of Savage Garden. I hope you find peace and happiness during your time off. :) And Darren, you are very talented in your own ways (writing lyrics and singing . . . singing beautifully, to be honest!). Your messages at the SavageFan message board have made me smile, laugh, and look forward to more. Good luck with your solo career . . . I will still be a fan then as much as I am one now. :) Thanks again, Darren and Daniel, for the music, the interviews, the concerts, and (most importantly) the memories.

Rosa:Darren and Daniel, I would like to thank you for touching me and forever changing my life for the better. I know you hear this a lot from too many fans to count, but I just wanted to send an eternal thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. I really do not think I would have made it through this year w/out your words of inspiration. Your music is so pure. Innocent. Honest. You are truly special.

Wendy:Darren and Daniel, Thank you for being a very positive entertainment for all your fans including myself. I appreciate everything you do for the fans, and I am proud to be your fan. Have wonderful holidays and keep making memories. Come back with another album as quick as you can, until then I will still keep listening to Affirmation and your first album.

Kellie: As many of you know we have all been given gifts. Gifts that make us who we are today. Daniel has been given the gift or composition. To make the music we all love to hear. Darren has been given the ability the add words to this music. Words that are full of feelings and emotions. This duo we all love came together as one. And the songs we hear today can tell us so much. From the love we all feel for each other and the world. Each song is all written from the heart and from experience. Songs that give us a reason to go on. Or a song that is fun that we can all dance along. Thank you Savage Garden for the music you have given us. Thank you Darren and Daniel from the bottom of my heart. You have given me so much wonder and inspiration. From you songs that speak to me deep into my heart. The songs that are full of emotion and feeling. The songs that tell a story and know how I feel. To the two gifted duo that are Savage Garden. Congratulations for what you have achieved. And Good Luck for the future.

Sadora :Darren and Daniel, I just wanted to take this time to say "Thank You" for all that you've done for your many fans (myself included.) Your music has touched so many lives; expressed what we could only wish express ourselves, and above all perhaps, have made us better people. (At least I know thus much is true on my behalf.) Thanks for the wonderful music, unbelievable tour, and sharing part of yourselves with us. I love you and wish you the best in all you continue to do in your careers and in your lives. You truly deserve the best! God bless. =)

Amy:Dear D & D, first off, i would like to thank you for creating such beautiful music. you have touched us in ways that you will never know. Your music helped me out at a hard time in my life. One of my friends died of leukemia last year, about a month after Affirmation came out. I had bought the CD, and listened to it a couple of times, but i didn't really have time to listen to the CD in depth. When i found out Andrea had passed, i went home and pushed play on my CD player, not knowing what CD was in there. the songs seemed to sum up my emotions, especially You Can Still Be Free. I started realizing how beautiful the songs actually were. I started to get into you guys more, and now, I'm hooked. Your fans appreciate everything that you do for us, and now that you both are going on break, we wish you luck and get some rest, damn it, you both deserve it.

Joycelyn:Dear Darren & Daniel, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I know this has probably been your busiest year, with so many tour dates. Was it perhaps to say goodbye to your fans for awhile? I did have an opportunity to see your Missouri concert, and it was awesome! You guys truly, madly, deeply ROCKED MY WORLD!!! It's a moment in time I will always cherish...thank you. You have definitely earned a break, with some downtime, as well as time apart from each other (you can't be around the people you love all the time...I know I can't *lol*). I want you to know, I will be anxiously awaiting your individual projects, as I know you are both much more than Savage Garden. I want to experience that other side of you! ;D I wish you much success in the following months and years to come. Savage Garden music is timeless...and you will be forever in our hearts.

Barry:I just really want you to know how awesome you guys really are musically and as people. You have touched SO many people with your music its incredible. Especially me, if Im ever sad, I listen to your music to cheer me up. When Im happy it makes me happier. Nothing, I really mean nothing, makes me more comfortable and relaxed then your music. Im also very proud to be a fan; you guys are the neatest by posting on the BBS to signing every autograph you see. You guys enlightened my life by being you and by your music. I just cant explain how much your music touches and means to me. Anyway, Darren, I want to wish you good luck on your solo career. Im positive anything you do will be amazing! You are an amazing person! And Daniel, good luck on your own, also, when you tinker with music or in the studio, whatever youre trying to do will turn out to be a masterpiece, guaranteed! When I first heard your music it instantly inspired me to write a poem. I wrote it when your debut album came out, I was younger as you can tell by it, but I might as well post it! Its always been one of my favorite poems! I also changed it around a little so it is a little more recent. Savage Garden

Savage Garden is going all the way,
They write great music everyday!
They originated from the Australian Bay,
What great music they can play!
Darren and Daniel are from Brisbane,
When they went to America on the plane!
When they get there they were about to claim,
The whole entire Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame!
When they have their 3rd album done,
Why, every song will be number 1!
Why, their songs are always so much fun,
Once you start listening, you'll never be done!
Their music enlightens people everywhere,
Without it, the world would be a scare!
Without their music it wouldn't be fair,
With selling 11 million albums, almost everyone has their share!
They even go on tours, riding on down the street,
Oh my, they write their own music, what an amazing feat!
Oh my, that's a real task most musicians can't beat,
For Savage Garden, that must be pretty sweet.
Wow, Savage Garden is really a great band,
I guess that how it was planned,
I guess there about to expand,
To everywhere including Thailand!
Good luck!!!!

Lindsey:Dear Darren and Daniel, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into your albums and the concert tour, which by the way was fantastic! Putting yourselves in the spotlight like you have, I imagine, can be terrifying, but you have handled yourselves with grace and style, especially you Darren. I love your sense of wit when dealing with the press but you never compromise your beliefs or morals, and I commend you for that. I can't say that I have become a better person because of your music but I have become a lot happier. You have the best fans in the world! We would do anything for each other and I have met tons of great people on your fan sites. I would also like to thank you for being so gracious in bringing your music to the places where you might not have the biggest audience. I am talking about at the beginning of the tour, when you were supposed to play Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, but it was rained out (and I mean rained out, thunder, lightning, the works) but you came back a week later to play the concert! I was so disappointed at first because I knew you had other commitments and wasn't sure if you would be able to make it back but you did, and it was well worth it! You rocked! That was when I knew that you were committed to your fans because that was supposed to be a travel day for you and I knew that playing that concert in NC would mean that you would have to travel overnight and not get as much rest. I am now formally apologizing for the North Carolina weather but it was hurricane season!! I would also like to thank you for writing honest music too, I hadn't heard a lot of that before you guys! You make me feel like a teenager again! I get all excited when I hear your songs on the radio!! I drive my kids crazy with it. So anyway, I would like to thank you for being you, thanks for the music, keep it coming and keep smiling (lovely smiles)

Donna:Dear Darren and Daniel, Dear Darren and Daniel, Hmmm... where should I start so much to say so little space. Thank you Darren and Daniel for all your patience and all you give to your fans and the energy you put out on stage while performing. I had the best times seeing you guys in person performing or me meeting you. Thank you for choosing me to go up onstage with you at the Bethlehem Musikfest in Pennsylvania. I was soo ecstatic to be picked by you, earlier all I knew is that if I found that front row seat then that was it and it was and darn was I really lucky that night!! You both give it your all onstage and off to the fans when you can and I deeply appreciate that. I support you both in what you want to do and Daniel good luck with Halogen and everything and your behind the scenes work on other projects I know you will do great! And I understand and support your decision completely. Darren I am looking forward to hearing your solo album and good luck with everything. And I know you guys are only taking a break from Savage Garden and I understand...hey everyone needs a break from something. And you both have worked so hard and you guys deserve it! I know when you guys come back as Savage Garden you will once again release great music we can all relate to and we can all dance to and we will love it. I know you guys will be coming out with more hit have to, you are signed for 6 albums total hehe 4 more to go!:-) OK, I just wanted to let you know you have my support and good luck on everything you guys do!

Melissa:Dear Savage Garden, I loved your concert in Los Angeles! You guys are the greatest! Your music really helps me when I'm down. I would probably be insane right now if it wasn't for your beautiful songs. I just wanted to thank you for writing such beautiful music. I love you and your music. Darren, good luck with your solo project. I look forward to hearing new SG songs. I would say a lot more, but I think you guys have better things to do than read some stupid teenager's letter.

Andrea:Hello!!!!!!!!! My name is Andrea and Im Spanish. I followed you from your begging and that's why I send you this message. I would let you know that you mean a lot to me. You know you and your music give to all the fans things that I cannot describe. I wouldn't want you to take a break 'cause I'm not going to hear from you for the time you'll take in that break. I from Spain and you don't come often to here, so I'll miss you a lot but I understand that you want to do different projects so, I wish you all the luck in the universe. All to you!!!!! because you're The Best thing has happened to me ever. I love you more than myself and I'm not going to forget you never. Please, don't forget you have lots of people that love you, enjoy with you and support you everywhere. Thanks for writing this special music, for visiting our countries, for give us all your love and for being nice with us. You're angels!!!!!!!!!! Well, if I dont stop soon, I'm going to cry, so... I WISH YOU LUCK IN YOUR NEW PROJECTS AND I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Lena:To Darren and Daniel, I just want to take this chance to say thank you guys so much for an awesome album Affirmation is. I love every song on it and can recognize myself in most of them as I went through a split up back in 1998. Hold Me is one of my absolute fave songs and it's kind of haunting to me as it describes so well how my relationship ended. Despite all this my ex and I are still the best of friends and he came with me to the concert in Gothenburg as he loves your music too. Just have to mention one more song that really makes me feel so much and that is I Don't Know You Anymore cos that one is also so true to me. Now lets end this with saying I love you guys, squeezy hugs and kisses to both of you and thank you for this year and good luck in the future with your new projects.

Renee':Darren and Daniel,Your music over the past 4 years has brought a lot of people great joy, love, and new understandings. I am one of those people, and I know that I will not be the last. Have a Merry Christmas, and a fond farewell. I hope that is will not be for long. You are both So wonderful to us, your I will make this letter short, so others can praise the love that is "savage garden"

Nancy:Dear Darren and Daniel: Im just writing this from the bottom of my heart, so read it please:

"Only for you"
One day I was sitting there,
I was listening to music,
I was trying to forget;
then you suddenly appeared,
and touched my soul
with your beautiful hands.
Your words were so sweet,
your voice was like a dream.
I loved you without seeing your face,
I admired you without knowing your name;
my love was blind and I couldnt say a word,
I just stayed there and prayed for more.
You were like a shadow until a several days,
I saw your face and laid down on my bed;
I never saw eyes like yours,
they were deeper and deeper,
I never saw lips like yours,
they were out of my reality.
Youre so perfect and famous,
and thats what I hate,
but thats how I knew about you,
and Im thankful for it.
I suppose youre my best friend,
I dont know, but it depends,
youve been here in all you can,
you make me dance and sing again.
Sometimes I cry,
but there are you to make me laugh,
sometimes Im down,
but youre still there and put me up,
sometimes my mind is a mess,
and you put it clear with a little phrase.
Im here writing for you,
Im here dying for you,
I dont know what I want,
maybe being with you.
My heart is yours,
take it with care,
dont let it fall,
please dont forget.
Trust me,
Im with you,
If you need something,
Im always on the run.
There are a lot of words,
but nothing to say,
maybe its not the moment,
or the ideas doesnt present.
Thanks for all the joy,
thanks for all the tears,
I only hope that
you remember me.

Taylorr: Dear Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones, I really love your music and the way you let your feelings out in your lyrics. I really wish that someday I can become one with my feelings as well. I'm not very good at my "People Skills" and it's hard for me to get out and meet new people. You music has really helped me learn that you can be yourself in the world and you don't have to try and impress everyone. Thanks for this confidence you have gave me. Good Luck In The Future.

Kara:Dear Darren and Daniel, Thanks you once again for a wonderful album and concert tour. I know my best memories of the year 2000 will be the all the concerts I was able to attend, meeting you both and all the great times I spent with the friends I have made because of you. I wish you both the best that life has to offer as you take some time off. Please never stop making your beautiful music as the world will be a sad place without it. May God bless you both and may you find happiness and love in all that you may do.

Michelle:I wake up every day with a heart full of hope, a soul full of happiness and a mind full of dreams. Thank you and Good luck.

Gabriella:Dear Daniel and Darren, The time has come to say good bye. (for a while) I am writing this letter to show you guys how much I appreciate your music. Your music has changed my life in a way that no other band (or kind of music) has. Your music is an inspiration to me. It helps me when I am down and blue, or when something tragic has happened. "Crash and Burn" I think, has had the biggest impact on me. I've really listened to the words and find out what it means. When someone is down, they'll always have someone else to help them or to pick them up when they fall. Thank you both for such a wonderful song. :) Darren, thank you so much for the voice of Savage Garden. It is really beautiful. I've never seen another singer who has had so much emotion as you! I think that's the key to making wonderful music. :) Daniel, how can I say good bye!! I can't!! You make them most beautiful music in the world. You put everything into your music. Your really what makes Savage Garden who they are. Without music, life is nothing. The way you play guitar and the piano is just beautiful. Thank you so much for everything. You deserve anything in the world. :) Farewell, Savage Garden (for a while) By the way Darren, the best luck on your solo career!!

Amelia:Thanks for being sexy, smart, good,decent, and very,very talented. Thanks for your high standards and for leading by example. Thanks for joining us with your support battle against domestic violence. Don't think either of you are off the hook! Fans like us don't just go away. And finally, Darren, where have you been all my life???

Janet :Dear Darren and Daniel, I want to thank you for an amazing year. I'm the parent of a 15 year old son with autism, and with your music, you have helped me through one of the most difficult years of my life. I'm 47 years old, and I've been to many concerts, but yours was the best I've ever seen. I went to the one in Springfield, IL, and was so amazed that I just had to go again. Daniel I wish you good luck with your new project, and Darren I will be looking forward to your solo album. You have one of best voices I've ever heard. Thanks Again!

Alia :Darren and Daniel, I first heard Truly, Madly, Deeply in my kitchen when I was living in Doha, Qatar in the Middle East. I first heard the music and only after waiting anxiously between diapers and the radio did I hear it again and then I heard the vocals and lyrics. Wow. I was hooked from then on. I have lived all over the Middle East (six countries in six years of marriage!) and have followed you or, maybe, you guys have followed me, yeah!! My daughter loves your music (she is four) and my son (two this Friday the 22nd) has recognized you, Darren, as well; to my thrill, of course! Being foremost a parent I want to thank both YOUR parents for raising the men the world has come to know as Savage Garden. The best of luck to you both in your chosen paths throughout life and I hope to someday get the opportunity to see/meet you guys. Buena Suerte!

Julia :Darren & Daniel. I'm not quite sure how to put this as I'm real bad at putting down my thoughts & feelings but your music really has had an affect my life. After my Grandmother died, I went through a really bad time, I had a lot of problems & I thought that I had no one. My best friend was always there for me but I didn't realize that at the time. He was trying to help me through this but I just didn't see it. I even contemplated the worst, but the thought of my family loosing me stopped me. But when I heard CAB & I really listened to the lyrics, I realized that there was someone there for me even if I was this depressed. So after listening to it for like a million times. I talked to my best friend. Thankfully he forgave me for being so horrible & he was just sorry that I hadn't really talked to him about it before that. Basically to cut a long story short. Your music has really helped me when I needed someone or something the most & I will always be thankful for the way that you lyrics have changed my life so dramatically for the better. I hope we all hear from you real soon after your well deserved break.

Cailin :I wish to thank you both. The joy and enlightenment you have brought to my heart is unbelievable. My group of friends and I shall go on with our savage propaganda to spread madness throughout Ireland. I will forever listen to your first album until I fall asleep and your second album when I am among friends enjoying myself. You might be on a break now although my heart shall always be with you and the band - Good luck and follow your dreams. God bless and love.

Emily :Well guys what can i say, you have changed my life so much ( in a good way ) you have given me confidence, dreams and the determination and inspiration to keep going and achieve my dreams and goals in life as it is possible, i mean look at you two going your separate ways how will we live without you?. Well I'm going to go now, hope you all have a FAB Xmas and Daz we look forward to hearing the solo album! :) thanks for everything

Debi and Emily :Dear Darren and Daniel, Imagine all the people living life in peace, I'm not the only one, I guess this is my thank you, for reminding us how life can be, should be. Thank you for bringing back to us, simple, yet complex, music, full of love, life and hope. I could repeat all the same words that you have read and yet to read, know that I feel much the same way, all I can muster is but a simple, thank you, thank you. My daughter, Emily and I shared 4 of your concerts together, each with its own experiences, but for me when the stage darkened, all was quiet, and the music began, the words to John Lennon's Imagine went out.....chills of remembrance gripped my very soul, you did that song justice, you did it well. Thank you. With each song lyric of your music, there is a story, a connection for someone, you understand, you care, you have reached millions, **sigh** it is not over, it is only a new beginning... much love and happiness to you both, I look forward the what the future brings, along with the best of memories.