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The Addicted Story

On this site, we've talked a lot about the guys (of course), drooled over all of the pics (what else would we do. *lol*), and we talked a little bit about ourselves. However, we really haven't talked about how this site came to be. So, I figured I would use a page to tell the Addicted story. So, here goes nothing.

Liberty started her website, Liberty's Garden a while back. While looking for some ideas for her site, plus to check out anything Savage on the net, she came across Nikki's website, Destination: To the Moon and Back. On Nikki's site, she had her 'Mine Petition', which was for a great Savage cause, and of course, Liberty contacted Nikki and added her name to her list. Through a series of emails, Nikki and Liberty got to know each other a little bit, and realized that they had the same addictions, only Nikki for Dan and Libby for Dazzie. Liberty made some comment (half joking, but totally serious. --does that make sense? *lol*) about there needing to be a webring and a mailing list for people with our obession. Nikki took this idea one step farther, and brought up the idea of creating a Savage Garden website to go along with the webring and mailing list. So, through a series of emails, and a lot of work, and a couple nights of wanting to kill our computers, we've brought you the first Addicted site.

Not long after a new nut was brought on board! *snickers* Mimi was brought on board to help out with the Addicts list as soon the group was set up. Liberty met her evil twin online 2 years earlier, long before either one of them knew they shared such a horrible Savage Addiction (they had previously known each other on another one of Liberty's emailing lists for their other Addiction, the men of wrestling, but that's another story). Once they realized they had two things in common, things began to snowball. They soon found their simularities were scary, even to them! Since then, nothing has been the same. This is when Liberty dubbed Mimi, Mimi-Me, and she officially became the evil twin! But, as they say, IT'S ALL MIMI'S FAULT!! *snickers*

. . .And the Saga continues. . .

But now it's a new day and age for Savage Garden fans. Many things have changed since the Addicts were first formed, but one thing remains the same. We have grown not only in size but dedication for the guys from Australia. To Affirm that our love for the guys still remains, it is our hope to bring Savage Garden fans one of the best sites dedicated to the band on the Internet. Which isn't an easy task considering how Internet-saavy Savage Garden fans are. But, after all the hard work we've done creating this new Addicts site in this new location, we can honestly tell you that we now have a site that gives you a glimps of the fire the Savage Addicts have for Darren and Daniel.

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