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Addicted 2 Savage Garden Webring

Special Savage Addicts Announcement:

Because of problems I was having with Web Ring (More specifically, they won't acknowledge the fact that I am one of the owners of the webring, so I have no power to change anything. Including adding new sites.) I have been forced to move the web ring to Ring Surf. If your site is currently on the Index of the old web ring, you can leave it there. I will not be able to delete the webring any ways. However, if you're still on the Que, I suggest that you sign up for this webring. Then, you can feel free to add this webring on your site and delete the other one. The other web ring will not work if you are on the que, because I will not be able to add you. I'm sorry for the inconvienece. I tried to work with Webring, but they would not cooperate. So, if I wanted control of the webring I had no other choice but to move it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email either myself or Mimi.

Thanks for your understanding.


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