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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Boston - By Jorja

Arrive in Boston at 12:15 or so. We take the first CAB we see outside the bus station..BIG mistake! hotel was far from the Pavilion and so was the bus station..Anyway the Cab guy didn't speak English!! He didn;t know where the street was we were staying at ARG!! He had to stop the meeter and when we finnally found the street we had to walk to the other end of it(Good thing it was a little street) because it was one way..Then we checked into our Hotel/Inn and we were off to Quincy market..We tried to walk but couldn't find our way..So I spent $8more for a CAB(lol..hehehe..looky at that) A BIG THANKS TO FALTA!! The man who drew a characture of the picture of Darren and I !!! Tried to buy lunch..Couldn't buy it..we didn't understand what they were saying to us..SO we made a rule that day..not to deal w/ anyone who didn't speak English!.Then we were going to walk to the pavilion and people were trying to send us to the Fleet Center..and no one knew where anything was..Finnaly we found a CAB at the Aquarium after searching for a CAB forever!

We get to the Pavilion 2 hours early..We meet some cool people..We walk to the back of the building and see the back of the bus and a person on the phone...My friend and another girl(sorry didn't get her have her email) I was w/ said that could be Darren...Then a guy in a blue shirt came out so we walked back..Then i looked back and It was Lee on the phone! When we got inside I heard a scream..Darren whad been sitting in a seat somewhere and went sround to the back side where the fence was...So of course a group of us kept lokking bhind the fence to see..Talked to the guard..but couldn't get through...Radio winners were going in the back to meet Darren!! I wanted to tale the stickers the radio winners use it.... Then Darren was right behind the fence taking pics with the winners! He had white Capri pants and a Baby blue shirt on.....A group of us yelled "We love you Darren" and he waved to us....

Then Kina came on ..I bought her CD today!!! I had a great time!! I met the person i bought my tickets from and saw her amazing quilt! She was the girl Darren held her hand for a long time and gave the drum stick to her too!!

The Concert was great!!! The crowd was wild!!! Just like Lori I went over my seats to the front! My friend had an orange arrow sign pointing at me that read " SAVAGE ADDICT...caution" and she pointed the arrow at me!!!! We wore our clown sunglasses on the top of our heads and screammed our butts off!!! Darren gave us this amazing Darren look to let us know he knew we were there! And Daniel cave us some of those sweet Daniel smiles!!!!This older guy(maybe 50) who was next to me was jamming to SG!!! He knew alot of the lyrics! He was just a little confused when IWY came on....When Darren did Imagine..the entire audience sounded great singing the song!! This Boston audience was totally wild and included of course! Then whe Darren was singing HM..My friend pointed the sign at me again and I was showing Darren the Characture of us because it had a bubble over my head that says "Hold Me" ...I was going Crazy!!!! Darren took awhile to choose who to bring up on stage He and Daniel looked at us..but Darren finnally went over to the little girl whos parents help put her on the stage..She was so Cute!!! I wish I took a picture of her face! I'm glad ahe got to go up was soo cute..She was the easiest thing to get up there..because of the baracade...There was no way to get a person up there...expecially me...i am in no way small........

Darren looked so hot in his white suit and!! Thanks to Loris pics you can see what I mean..I did take pics at this concert and got some of him in his white suit this time.. And after the concert we looked in the back..but there was no way the guards were letting us back when we saw an empty CAB and hopped in to get to our hotel!...It was a great night and I met some new fans!!! It was nice to see you... Lori and Amanda again!!!!! And I believe thats all..If I think of more..You will be sure to know!!!

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