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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Pueblo Colorado - By Sharon

I had my tickets for 3 months almost, and I couldn't wait to go. As the day approached the fires were getting worse in Montana, but we went. We left on Thursday the 24th, and drove to Ft. Collins Colorado and spent the night. The next day (Friday), it was still approximately 160 miles to Pueblo. We got there around 10am. The motel wasn't ready til after 12, so we used the time to use the map we had printed out to find the fairgrounds and the Events hall. I got out of my car and went to the window and got valuable information. Such as parking and times.

The rest of the day we shopped some and went to a movie in the biggest theater I have ever been in. I'm a horror movie fan,so went and saw *The Cell* with Jennifer Lopez. I had wanted to see it so this was a great opportunity. It was a middle of the road movie..not great, not bad, it was worth going to. We had dinner and went back to the motel and watched tv. I couldn't sleep,I could'nt believe the next day I would see them. I finally went to sleep,and alas woke too early and I was to excited to go back to sleep.

My husband awoke and had to dress quickly so he could get that free continental breakfast. I must say bad coffee and dry donuts aren't my thing *lol*. But he liked it cause it was free. I had a banana and a diet cherry coke *lol*. When we got organized, my heart was racing..and keep in mind during all this I was calling home every couple hours cause of the fires, my county went on alert the day we left. I gathered my cell phone and we went shopping for stuff to bring back to family members as gifts. Carl(my husband)informed me the night before we left,he had kicked the chair accidentally in the dark and thought his toe was broken. I decided we should go back (after spending $200)and have him put his foot up for the day,this is where he got his bright shutter idea for the camera and he didn't tell me.

As time drew near I got ready. The skies opened and it stormed for hours. I was afraid the power would go out, but it didn't! The concert was at 8pm, so we left at 5 in the pouring rain. We drove around til just after 6. The $5 parking lot was full..auurrggg! He wanted to park blocks away, not me, and I have a new car so I wanted it in a paid parking lot with an attendent. We got the one right across the street from the hall finally.

I had been told 2 different stories. A lady on the phone said they seat people 30 minutes ahead, another call a man told me 2 hours(6pm). They were both wrong. One hour was the earliest. So much to my husbands dismay,I wanted to hang around the tour buses. And believe me I was not the only one doing it. So he adjusted. I talked to the women back there, and we saw Kina's band, but never any of Savage Gardens. It was driving me bananas, so I walked to the security guard, and although he was very nice, all my smiles and asking didn't get me in!

At 6:50 we went to be seated. we had floor seats, although in the 22 row, the view was good. He had gone to find our seats as I stood in line to buy things. My shirt I had made drew attention. People wanted to know where I got it. They wanted one. Well I bonded with a few people in line, and after I purchased my tour books, an ultimate poster and a keychain, we went to be seated. I then for the next 40 minutes bonded yet again with people around me. An eleven year old girl with her mom, sister, 2 aunts and cousin sat behind me. She was so excited she babbled...she kept telling me Darrens hot!! And she will love them til she dies, she said! They wanted a shirt like mine to. A woman in front off to the right of the next row talked to me detail, telling me how she drove alone for 4 hours to see them listening all the way over and over to them on her tape deck. She gave me her email for my pictures, but as you see they didn't turn out well at all *sigh*. And then there were two ladies in love with each other who were friendly and seemed nice and talkative to. So many wonderful people. The time came and Kina came out, as wonderful as she was, I wanted only time to go so SG would come out. She sang her last song and my heart pounded in my chest. Well *lol* it took the stage crew 30 minutes to set the stage up for our guys. At 9 the lights dimmed, the music started and I can't describe the feeling I had. I was so excited and more. I hope I get to feel that way again in my life. People were up, down, up down, the little girl screaming behind me, my husband faithfully snapping pics that would not turn out. The place was jammed, people of all ages, sizes, colors, were there screaming in excitement. I have asthma,and I noticed the thin air. So when I read Darrens post about Colorado, it made me love him more, because I know what its like to be short of breath, and he went on and did it all.

The show ended, and my heart still racing, as we left I asked the people in charge, will there be autographs tonight, and they replyed, no not tonight. I think maybe it was cause the thin air had gotten to him. Well I had'nt drank all day, so my first stop was a 7 eleven for a huge diet soda. We went back to the motel, and I watched tv for several hours trying to calm down for sleep. I Finally did and again woke early and he dashed for the bad coffee and dry donuts again *lol*. I called my daughter and she said a fire had broke out very close and the Freeway we had to take had been closed the night before. We made the plan to drive 708 miles home that day and call the rest of our vacation off. We arrived home into smoke filled montana at 8pm sunday night. And monday morning my Superstars and Cannonballs arrived, and it was like reliving the concert without heads in the way. I have watched it so many times. And on Monday my husband bought me the computer I have been wanting and dreaming of.

So other then the fires, the last week of my life has been the best week of my life. I know this review wasn't as exciting as most, but its mine and its what happened. Thank you for reading it.

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