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TV Performance Reviews

Donnie And Marie - By Victoria

My cousin and I went to Disneyland the day before the Donnie and Marie show. I came home and found out that Savage Garden is going to be on the show. I thought it was next week, and I didn't have any tickets. SO, I thought, ok I will go down there and I am sure that they will have some tickets. It was 1am and I told my cousin to get some sleep. We woke up at 4am and went to the train station. Once we were off the train we went on a bus to the studio. On the ride over there, some guy kept staring at me and was telling me how beautiful I was and that he would like my number and junk. Dear god, I heard every worst pick up line from this freak on the way over there. Also to make a note, he was old enough to be like my dad-grandpa. He actually thought he could fool me into believing he is a director. I should of never told him that I am a actress. Big mistake in Hollywood/LA. I arrived there with my cousin and I was annoyed, tired and hungry. I did meet a very nice lady and she was telling me how she is working on a script about Irish dancing. I told her how I am very familiar with it and have done dancing myself for 9 years. She asked us who we were going to see and I told her " Savage Garden." She was like, " That's cool. I wonder if they would like to be in my script." Interesting, It would be cool to see them Irish dancing. Heee. When we got to the place I asked if there was any tickets left they said well for which show? I was confused. I told her that we are here to see Savage Garden. She told me that the show has been sold out a couple weeks ago and that I will not get any tickets. I was hurt. I traveled 3 hours to hear this news? 3 hours of sleep? Nothing to eat? I notice that the Marine base is like going to the show and I thought, " Maybe I can act like I am with them.' But I didn't think that would have helped. We were invited to go see a taping of ice skaters. Oh yeah, that really sounded exciting. I got in line and I thought, " I will go ahead and try calling my friend Wendy." So I called her and she was getting ready to go to the show. I asked her if she had any extra tickets and she said that she had two. I was happy!! This was a blessing!! I was sooo happy!!! I was crying and I told her, " I love you so much! I swear, my first born child is having your name!" We laughed and then we talked about how our man went blonde. Referring to Darren on P.I. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. My cousin and I went inside. I met some other Savage Fans there. Inside during the break I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Donnie. This highlighted my day! Gosh he is adorable! ( He look like Darren with his long hair) I also got a T-shirt and I told them that I was going to give it to my mom for her birthday tomorrow. (Which My mom loves the T-shirt!) My cousin got to talk with Scott Hamilton. My cousin the morning before we left to Disneyland, she busted her knee walking down the driveway. She took loads of aspirin and wrapped that leg in this bright pink knee wrapper! It was bright! But it was cute! HE asked her what happen to her knee and she told him after she was embarrassed. It was funny!! Her leg got plenty of attention. The show was soon over and after all the skinny little ice skaters talk about there fancy cars and how they enjoy eating ( yeah like it shows) and stuff, we left to go outside. Since my friend was not there yet I had to go out side the studio and wait. I could have had front seats. I was so upset! But I was concerned about my friend. I saw Anna and Ben arrive. People ran over and took photos I said hello to them. I took a photo of them hoping on the golf cart. Wendy arrived safe and sound with her mom. I gave her an instant hug. Her also I met my friend Susan and her nice day. Once inside I did get the chance to talk with this very nice looking guy who woks for SG. He is so nice and I have talked with him before. I just love those accents. Then we were seated. The announcer was trying to see where everyone was from and if there were any groups here. No one would say anything over in our direction so I thought, " Here goes nothing." I yelled out at the top of my lungs, " SAVAGE ADDICTS." The announcer came over and saw a huge group with a banner saving " SAVAGE GARDEN." And we had photos etc. Then that's when the announcer said, " Savage Garden, your Savage Addicts are in the house." It was so cute!!! SG performed IKILY then Crash and Burn. He looked nice in the green top. Crash and Burn was awesome! We all stand up and swayed and danced in our seats! It was like our private concert!! This performance was awesome. It gave me a pre concert experience! This performance made me really love this song! After wards everyone left but me and my cousin and Susan and Tammy. This annoyed lady came over and told us we have to leave now! That the band had left already! Needless to say she had an attitude. We thought that we might as well leave. I went over to ask them where fast food places are and again I got yelled at. I said. " I just want to know if there is any fast food places." This guy then was nicer to me. trippy. It was like he took a volume and was on cloud 9! Susan was kind enough to take my cousin and me back to the station. On the way, we ate at Subway and Starbucks. I wish you all could have been there to feel what I felt through the performance. I did however advertise Savage Addicts. I really do love this list, it's where I begin and where friends will last till the end.

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