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All About Darren

Darren Stanley Hayes was born in Brisbane, Australia on May 8th, 1972 to Robert and June Hayes. He was the youngest of 3, with an older sister named Tracy and an older brother named Paul.

He knew his whole life he wanted to go into singing, and his early musical influences were Prince, Fleetwood mac and Diana Ross. The first album he ever bought was Micheal Jackson's Thriller which he ironically bought at the same store as Daniel before they even knew each other. Currently he loves U2, Sarah McLachlan, and Madonna.

He attended Mabel Park Infants and Mabel Park High schools in Logan City, and discribes himself as a nerd in school. This all changed for him when his talent was realized. He was planning on going on with his education, but after about a year at the university he met Daniel and his focus changed. While in College Darren married to his high school sweetheart, Colby Taylor (Although, they are currently Seperated).

His favorite book is Anne Rice's Vampire Novels, which inspired the name of the group. His favorite movie is Star Wars, the number one being The Empire Strikes Back. He used to have a collection of Star Wars toys, but at age 13 he decided he was too old for them and sold them. Now he is trying to recollect everthing.

An interesting embarrassing moment of Darren's occurred once when he was dining at a Thai restaurant with Daniel. He had to use the bathroom, and afterward began walking back confidently when he accidentally walked right into a plate glass window. The entire restaurant witnessed it and now he is known as that guy from SAVAGE GARDEN who walked into the window (I wonder if his lip balm imprint still remains?).

Some of Darren's best quotes:

"The first thing any Australian does when the come here is they sit there and they watch the toilet."

"There's this place in Brisbane mall and every time I go there, I'm usually eating a big kebab and have falafel coming out of every orifice, and someone goes, "You're that guy from that band!" and I'm looking SOOOO attractive!" - Darren on the weirdest place to be recognized.

"You know if we were Spice Boys, I'd be Hairy Spice"

"The only thing we have in common with those 'boy bands' is that we're male. I think. We can't dance for sh*t."

"Why the hell do people assume we're into gardens?"

"Our visit to the local bowling alley was hilarious. I of course...the king of cool (really just a cover for my lack of physical ability in sports) refused to play. For 'fashion reasons' I said. But I don't think anyone believed me."

"We're practicing to say things like "Would you like fries with that" just in case the career doesn't happen. This is a shot we're taking and we'll see what happens..."

"I have one final comment. Up until recently, it has been extremely difficult to determine which is the order line and which is the pickup line at a Starbucks. And I'm happy to see that more and more Starbucks are beginning to place signs for the pickup and the ordering. Thank you"

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