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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Los Angeles - By Victoria

It's my birthday today and I am now 23 years old. Wow, I can't believe it. For my birthday today I am going to see Savage Garden today. My sister wished me happy birthday at midnight. It was nice having my mom, sister and my dog Odie all in my room. My mom got me some tulips for me, knowing it's my favorite flower. I was so happy. My sister picked some fresh roses from the garden. surrounded by flowers and dear cards, it made my day! I went back to sleep and woke up around 11am. I started to feel really bad. Here I was at home and my friends were at Jay Leno to see Savage Garden. I cried and cried. I wanted to be with them so bad. But my mum was at work and I had to stay at home to get some things done for tonight. My thoughts were with Wendy and who ever else were there. I left a message on her machine telling her that I can't be there and I wish I could, but to think of me in mind and spirit and to cheer our favorite band on. My sister did my hair, it had a nice 40's style to it. Of course, it would only last for a while after the concert will start. I had fun getting dress and putting on makeup with my sister. Here we are adults but once again it made me think of all the fun we had as kids. Changing my outfit 4 times, I finally decided on my red velvet top. My mum came home and we were off to LA. On the freeway my sister pointed something out. A car was driving by us and on the back they had something written on their car " Honk if you R a Savage Fan." It was so cool! we drove by them and I held up the tour book. It was fun waving and smiling and giving thumbs up signals back and forth. We arrived at Universal City walk. It was beautiful. I am taking my mum and sister to a Savage Garden concert and it is their first for both. I then told my mom that we should have brought my dad, but he had to work late. We got there and took photos by the globe. Then I saw my friend Kristen. She was talking to some lady and when I went over to her, I excused my self for interrupting their conversation. I turned to see who she was talking to and it was ANNA! I couldn't believe my eyes. I told her what a wonderful voice she has and that I saw her website. She told me how it is under construction etc... I also notion her that I will buy her c.d. She was happy to hear that. I asked her if I can take a photo and she said ok. I introduce her to my sister and she asked if that was my mum and I said yes. My mum took a photo of us. She was so sweet and very beautiful. I waved goodbye and left to go inside. We went inside and I saw my friend Wendy. Instant hugs were given. I went over and bought a drink. then joined Wendy. We went inside and wow, we had awesome seats! front row!!! Wendy stayed over night just for us to get good seats. It was by far the best Birthday present ever, front row and standing next to my Best friend! This was going to be a great concert! I finally found my mum and waved at her. I gave her a I love you hand symbol. She returned the gesture. I did the same to my sister. The music started and Kina rocked the house! That girl has got some soul! I just loved her and the band. I was dancing in my seat. I didn't care what others thought. She rocked and that band did to. She had good eye contact with me and we waved at her, she waved back. She is so awesome! Mimi, you were right, she rocked! I remember watching her and I remembered what you said how she did a very good job when you saw her perform. Wendy and I got settled, front row, we got our signs and boas ready. I tried to place my drink under the bars, it was hard. Man we looked like Sexy divas with these boas, we were differently getting eyed a lot. "The Best Thing" started and we were ready to rock! The audience went wild! I held up my sign " It's my Birthday! Let's party!" " Chained to You " was great! I cheered Darren on especially when he said " I think about it all the time." Yes, grabs here and there. I can only imagine when he would look at me and do it, how I was screaming and hollering, what the audience thought. But, it was all cool, they were doing the same! The band looked so cute. They were jamming!!! Love filled the air. The audience had energy, screaming, dancing, swinging arms and glow sticks bouncing in the air, bright lights, it was awesome!!! For the animal song, I let my hair down and I felt free... Boy do these Australians know how to put on a party! I glanced over my shoulder and smiled. Arms were following Darrens, swinging side to side up in the air. I must admit, Its not easy swinging arms, bouncing head and standing dancing. I had lots of energy! I can't help it! I love music, I am a dancer and I was having a blast! This was a major stress releaser! Then Darren started with the hand symbols during Affirmation and I was following along. I saw a middle age man a couple rows back trying to gesture his wife to join in. It was so cute! I smiled at him and he smiled back. " I Want You " got the loudest scream! It was great! I met some nice people who sat around me. We would put our arms around each other shoulder to shoulder and sway back and forth singing along, it was great! During the songs, I of course held up my dedicated signs! Gosh I enjoy making them and it pays off when they see them. ' Daniel is a Cutie Patootie," Darren Be still my heart Hayes, " Karl Marry Me," " Lee, Love me but dot let me go." "Ben-ny Baby, Yee Ha.." They loved the signs! I even kept waving at the backup singers. They looked so beautiful and did so good! My Boa was swinging a lot in the air, to the sides and during " Chained To You," The White Feathered Boa rocked! I even made a sign and showed the audience " Savage Addicts in a Land Down Under." They loved it! When the lights turned down and Walter came on Wendy Instantly knew who it was. I thought that was cool. I cheered him on. He is so awesome!!! Wendy and ME cheered and cheered. I liked how Daniel Jones respectfully bowed to him and left. That was beautiful. Darren sang and Walter played. This was beautiful. I cried and cried. I could see those on the side of the stage could see me crying. The songs are beautiful and moving. Especially when you can relate to the songs, I could in many ways with Two Beds and a Coffee Machine. All I had to think about was my niece and what she has been through and what my mom went through with her first marriage and the very thought that she was somewhere in the audience made me cry. I don't know you anymore. This song, I strongly felt that Darren wrote it for me. I mean, sometimes you hear a song and its like, " Oh yeah, that's exactly how I feel." That's how I felt when I heard this song the first time. I was breaking up with a boyfriend of mine who I loved and cherished a lot and when I heard this song, it took me 2 months of listening to it, to just be able to control my tears. We were fortunate to have Walter as our special guest for the night. It was breathtaking. Words cannot express the way I feel listening to Darkens voice. His voice is precious and angelic. It's so beautiful that you can't help but to cry. Then he sang " Imagine." oh, being a Beatle fan I big time contributed to singing. Peace fingers and all, I sang my heart out with Darren through the whole song. When Walter left the band came back. The rest of the songs rocked. We danced, sang, did sing language, I held up my I love you finger gestures from time to time! This was a great birthday. I couldn't believe that it was my birthday. It was by far the best gift ever! The one complains that I had was when the piano moment was happening, someone rudely decided to rude the mood. She was screaming " Sit down." I heard someone cuss, I wasn't sure if it was her or someone cussing at her, but I was ready to turn around and tell this person to button it up! nothing annoys me more when I am trying to enjoy my music and someone decides to have an outburst! I am sorry if she couldn't see, neither can 1,038498 people behind her. She could have moved, stand up or something. My mom had WORSE seats to her and she was not complaining. I turned to my groupie and said " Dot sit down, no one else is. This is our seat. We are standing. We are not the only ones standing, the whole first two rows are also. Plus, people around us." So, we stand, she yelled, we cried, we cheered! Then, the moment was coming. My palms started sweating, my heart started racing and I was praying. Wendy held up our Hold Us sign, Darren loved it. I could see it in his eyes. Signs were flipped up all over the place. It was like an auction was going on! I got out my huge sign I bought in Seattle, it was Balloons and confetti along the side of it and it was bright, multi color letters saying " Hold Me, Its my Birthday." Darren scanned the audience searching for the special one. I bit my bottom lip. " Look over here, please..." I thought to myself. He glanced at mine then went back looking around. " He's not going to pick me. This sucks dude... oh well, I tried..." Then I thought, " Hey, flip the sign around... I did and the back read" HOLD ME, WHY??????"

Happy Birthday 2 Me!
Oh Cause I love u!
Loyal BBS Fan!
Dedication, Not Obsession!
My Birthdays Today!
Equal Love 4 Band and Fans!

He stopped... stared... and slowly read my sign.. " What is he thinking? Is it too much? Corny? will he like it. Oh God, tell me! Please...pick me.." He looked right at me, I was begging, pleading with my eyes. I want this more then anything in the world. He smiled at me and then it happens. My life was changed forever, he pointed at me. " me??? me???" I started crying uncontrollably. He nodded yes and gestured for me to get up on the stage. I was finally going to get a photo taken with Darren that was going to turn out and look really good! Hugs, finally, hugs that I have never received! " Go Girl, get up there!" I was crying uncontrollably. Wendy helped moved me over the guards were waiting. That chair was small, the stage was high up, oh god! I laughed thinking about the Savage Addicts getting a crane for me! heee... Darren reached for my hand and helped me up. It took like 2-3 guards to get that big rump of mine up there! They pushed me up! I was still holding my sign, Boa and camera. Tears danced down my face. Darren gave me an instant hug. " Its it really your birthday?" He asked me. " Yes," I cried. " Happy Birthday." " Thank you." " What's your name?" " Victoria." Crying, and still crying. " Give it up for Victoria, It's her Birthday!" The audience cheered. I was smiling. Wow, what a sight the boys and girls have from this stage! Glowing sticks waved back at me. I cried. " Thank you Darren.." I kept saying this over and over. He took a photo with me but the flash didn't come off. I asked the guard to do it again. Actually I shouted and I felt bad. But I was right. It didn't turn off. After my experience with the Star Lounge, I wanted to make sure this photo was going to turn out! He asked if my friend here can take one, I said, Yes, Best friend. Darren listened to Darren while he talked to her. It was cute! We took one with the audience instead, that was cool. It came out, looks kinda distant, but cool! he then told me to go over to Daniel. Oh boy! I went over to him mumbling " Come here Cutie Patootie!" " You are the one I really want to me. I love you." Instant hug from behind, I wrapped my arms around his neck I heard him say, " I love you to." I practically jumped on his back. Darren came over and took a photo and Then Daniel turned around and kisses me. It was sweet. Yes, on the lips. I hate to brag, but Damn it was nice! I was caught up in a world of our own! Of course I dreamt about doing this with Darren for years, for this to happen with Daniel, and me It was a surprise. Feelings I didn't even know that I had for him were there. He is beautiful! Poor Daniel he tried to keep his balance, play his guitar and hold me. It was cute. Sorry if I squeezed you to tight Daniel. Daniel is hot oh yeah. Then, I felt a tug on my arm. It was Darren, I smiled and turned around and waved at Lee and Ben, " I love you all." I followed him across the stage, he asked for another hug and I gave him one. He held me tight and close and I could just rest my head on his shoulder. He smelled unbelievably good. I felt safe and secured here in his arms. My arms were wrapped around his neck and I was trying to keep my balance so the only thing I could do was brush my leg up against him trying to hang on, it was funny! Gosh I could only imagine how I looked!! haaaa.... Then he asked for a kiss and I kissed him on the cheek. WOW! It was great!! I thanked him. I moved off the stage. The audience cheered me on, through the whole time I was up there, especially when I had my Daniel moment. Darren held my hand high in the air facing the audience, repeating my name I swinged my boa around and shake my bon bon! HAHAAAA. I am laughing about it now! Man did that Drink kicked in and I didn't even drink that much! HAHAAA. I had a blast up there! I just love being on the stage! It must be the dancer I am! :) I moved off the stage and the security was trying to get me back in the audience but I thanked them and gave instant hugs. They were so cool! I went back to Wendy and I fell instantly in my Best friend's arms. I told her " He kissed me on the lips... Oh my... Darren smelled good. Thank you. I love you. You are my best friend...." I cried and cried and she hugged me and held me. It was nice! Darren finished singing the song. This was all beautiful. My dream came true! Reading others hold me experience, crying and loving their moments. It was mine that came true to! I wished myself a Happy Birthday. The rest of the concert rocked!!! When the concert was over. People wished me a happy Birthday, congratulated me. My friends came over and cheered me on; my mum came over with tears in her eyes and my sister to. They hugged me and said that they were cheering me on the whole time up there in their section. My mom said how my sister said " Mom, Vickie is going on stage. He picked her! Go Vickie!!! That's my sister!!" My mom cried and said, " Go, go girl! Go up there! What is he doing? What is she doing? Oh my, she is dancing again! Oh my! He hugged her!! Etc." It was cute when my mom was telling me jokingly " I was thinking what are those men doing to my daughter?!?" heee.. I was laughing. I was so happy that my mum and sister were there. I wished I could have sat with them. But, I bought there tickets after I found out more went on sale. Wendy stayed over night just to get these front row tickets for us, knowing it was my birthday and that we wanted to sit together. I remember calling her at Wal-Mart on my cell phone talking with her when she was in line. Then the next morning when she called me on her way home and told me how she got front row I cried! I was so happy!!! This concert was awesome. We jammed, cheered, clapped, danced, I thank God for letting my dream come true and letting me have this grand opportunity. I Thank Savage Garden for letting me have my moment of fame with them and making my dream become a reality and proving that yes, Dreams do come true. Also, for my best friend Wendy, who did so much for me and letting me have this moment come alive that I have wanted for a very long time. Now, I still have more... I'm sorry, I am a writer. :) So, my mum and sister Jennifer said that in her section was the Goonies section... There was couples making out left and right, my sister even told them to get a hotel! Then, there were these cute fans around 13 years old screaming " woohooo.... Yeah, yeah, I love you! I love you Darren!!!" My sister was like mocking their scream, ( Later not when she was there) she still can do it today! It's so funny!!!! Then was this guy so drunk his girlfriend was laughing because he was walking up and down the rows trying to find her and he just sat down on some step. Later he found her, It was really funny!!! Then there were some guy throwing ice cubes for his girlfriend to stop yelling all crazy at Ben! It was all fun and games! My mum was loving it actually she said she had the Goonies wild side!! I left the place with my mum and sister. I went and said Hello to Anna. I handed her my folder I made for Darren, it was a Hairstyle book. I worked really hard on. I hope he liked it. It was great!! From People will still congratulating me on my way out. Wishing me a happy birthday, taking photos with me and of them, it was so cool! I kept thanking strangers, giving hugs, and thanking them for coming to my party. :) Day dreaming, floating on cloud 9, smiling, crying, laughing, gosh I have never felt so alive in my life, well, except the time with my oldest sister had a baby. This had to have been the next best thing that has happen to me ever. Numerous times I have given up a chance to greet Savage Garden personally, hugging, taking photos, so that I can help out another fan. Good things come to those who wait, What goes around comes around. I believe that this night was meant for me. It was a pay back present just for me. Maybe some of you have experience what I have and maybe some of you haven't. But, what I do know is that when you do it will be something that you will never forget. I hope and I look forward to having more moments like this to occur to others and me. More love is brought into my heart when I watch the nicest things that Savage Garden has done for friend's fans and me. Some fans are upset for kissing Daniel, some are happy for me. Some believe me and lots have cheered me on and congratulated me. But what I do know is that this was my moment. A moment that I will never forget. The best birthday ever. My family was their, my best friend, I met the guys I adore and most Savage Garden admitted that it was the best US concert they did. The others were good, but this show was fantastic! Seattle was interesting, Concord boring, LA rocked da house, San Diego was fun and enjoyable and Vegas was wild and crazy. I went to all of these and I was happy to hear that those from the BBS contributed in the INDY show. To clear things up, the patch I wore on my T-shirt was from a friend in Florida, so no, I didn't get special treatment. Also, I like to thank Wendy for the great seats she got for me. Thank you, you are my best friend in the whole wide world! You were with me in mind and spirit when I was up there and yes, Darren acknowledges that you are my BEST FRIEND!!!!!! Thank you Savage Addicts. Because of this list I have made some lifetime friends. I love you all and thank you for welcoming me with open arms. Esin sexy Divas we were in Concord!!!, Rory that boat ride in Sausalito had me cracking up swaying and trying to take photos boy weren't you and I and Debbie funny as heck!?!, Deb. I'm glad we made up in Vegas and am no longer fighting, I love you Sis! and Nikki it was great seeing you , Susan wish we couldn't have met longer, Helen hey girl good seeing you, It was great seeing you all! Oh and that cute guy that I met in Vegas with the cool shades that kinda looked like Bono, I am single and free Friday night give me a call!!! haaaa. Dang, I am kicking myself for not giving him my number! Thank you for the Savage adventures everyone. Woodstock, ah, I mean Seattle was fun, with all that grabbing, groping, stinking men and hippies, man, 3 and a half hours of that guitar loud jamming, Savage was worth the wait! Thank you to the blonde guys whom through my tulips on stage for Darren in Seattle! Thank you!! Deb thanks for facing your fear on flying you did better then me! Kristen thanks you for flying with me and helping me through the rough flights. I love you, god bless. Security who was there for the Vegas concert, thank you for listening to me when I told you a fight broke out. I wish to thank you for your trust in me to watch the band and block the fans from coming in while you took care of the problem. Thank you. For Shannon, the Hold me girl in Vegas, congrads sweetie!! Mom, thanks for letting me drive the rental car home, you know how much I juts loved that Malibu. It was smooth! Thank you for joining me mom and Jenny, I love you both!!! Savage Garden thank you for years of continuous rockin' music. I love you all each and all unconditionally. Darren, God Bless you. Your voice is beautiful. I love you so much! I am here for you. Daniel, Cutie Patootie, bless you! Keep up the good work, your talent amazes me everyday. I am here for you all the way baby! I still have your book and will hold it till I see you again, I am not sure how to give it to you. I also have a HUGE scrapbook book to give you and Darren. I love you all! God Bless and remember, Dreams do come true. Don't ever give up, the only person that can stop you, is, yourself!

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