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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Los Angeles - By Wendy

I had gotten a call from the Promo/Press person from the Universal Amphitheater, before Tammy, Sara, mom and I went to get lunch at the NBC studios. This is when Eric, (the promo guy) asked me if I was still interested in going to the show. I was like "YES!" (he didn't know I was going to go anyway) so he told me to go to Guest Relations and pick up my FREE Tickets. So I was all excited!!! My mom and Sister had gotten tickets but they were way in the back, because they didn't want to pay much. J HA HA. So after Jay Leno, Tammy and my family went out to the streets of Burbank, looking for a Black Mercedes, cause Darren was in it. With no such luck we were stuck in traffic, which meant a. construction or b. everyone was going to see Savage Garden! I like answer "b." So we were getting ready in the car. Talking about the days events. Well we go to the dang place and Tammy went to the ATMs, got the cash flowing for souvenirs! My family and I ran to the Guest Relations and picked up my free tickets. It happened to be the seats were so much closer for my mom and sister, not to mention center. I think5th row back from the pit, I could be wrong! Then they said if I was to take pictures I will have to sign for a photo pass, but that I would need to speak to Eric, as soon as possible. I was advised to go through the sides of the line and tell the guards to let me through, that I wasn't cutting and I need to go to PROMOs immediately. So I did, and I think some people thought I was cutting, Sorry but I was under orders. So I raced through and got inside and talked to Eric, there were no press passes available for that show, and I could take pics without a photo pass. So it was cool. Then I went inside to find my seat. I was the first in the front row, I was waiting and waiting for Victoria to come, I hadn't seen her for 2 weeks but I talked to her throughout the day. So a fan, came up to me (sorry I forgot her name) and she was like "Wendy?" I was "yes?" She said "oh my gosh, you don't know me but I was standing in line to buy tickets, we didn't meet though." So I was like "really? Cool, what's your name?" then this is the part she states her name. But I forgot. Adriana maybe? SO I gave a her a silver twisty for her wrist, and SG bubbles I had made. Then we were talking about the tour books and stuff, she was super sweet. SO anyway at this time, I went to talk to some more people, and I went out to look for Victoria, I swear we have good timing cause there she was with her mom and sis. We all hugged and were smiling, not that we ever stopped that night. So Victoria got a drink, which by the way she didn't finish. J She asked me to make sure she didn't drink much. Cause she might get sick, or crazy! J HA HA. Anyway, I had introduced Vic to some new friends I made, and we went to sit down. We barely sat when we started getting everything ready signs, backpacks, boas. We made ourselves at home! After that I introduced Vic to this guy Gabriel, if you are reading this call me! He was really nice, and totally into SG. Oh by the way KINA was the bomb!!! Anyway, the music started and we went to sit down quick. Well of course you guys know the song orders and such. We began dancing and taking pictures. We held up all these signs through out the show. The classic ones included "Be Still My heart HAYES." "hold Us" "BEN!" "Karl Marry Me" (one of Lee too I forgot which one), and who can forget "Daniel is a cutie Patootie" Daniel was at our side a lot! We all a smiled and sang. Darren was the bomb! He kept coming to our side too. The show was amazing!!! Anyway, I thought when Walter came out to play piano for Two Beds was totally cool. Darren introduced him and before he said his name I was like "yeah WALTER!!!" though I didn't know if it was him or not. I probably shouldn't have said that but it just came out, plus I didn't say loud. I don't know if Vic heard me. Anyway, it was very unforgettable. Ok during Hold me. I REALLY wanted Victoria to get picked cause it was her birthday and all. I didn't hold any signs that said HOLD ME, it was HOLD US, mostly cause I wanted Vic to go up there. Daniel had seen our signs earlier and told us it was Darrens thing. So Darren came to look at us, and he read my sign, and went and stood reading VICs sign, which I swear was a paragraph cause Darren read it for awhile. J HA HA. So then he pointed at her, and I was look "GO!!!!!!" I couldn't believe she took her stuff with her!!! The boa, the posters, her camera, it was funny. The guards took her to the side and put her in front of this chair, I kept pushing her up there, and was like "Girl get up there!" I was cheering and screaming. She got up there and was crying, her emotions got the best of her J So Darren took a picture with her but the darn flash didn't go off, so he took it again, he told her to go to Daniel so she did, mean while Darren was telling me take pictures, I was nodding my head "Yes Sir! Mr,. Hayes, right away sir." Not really but you get the idea. Anyway the guard asked me if I wanted him to take a pic cause he was closer, so I let him. Anyways pics will be sent soon. To confirm this., At this time Vic had jumped on Daniel, well not literally but hung on him by the NECK, and ok now my sister filled in the rest. She said he turned for a kiss and they hit LIP TO LIP, my sister is a big Daniel FAN and her mouth dropped. And.she was like OH MY GOD! Of course I missed it, but for good reason I was talking to Darren! Hello? I saw her grab Daniel and he was bent back a little so he wouldn't fall. Anyway Darren asked for a kiss and back down she came. When she got to me, she was full on in tears, she hugged me tight, and I had to hold her up cause she was falling on me. The first words from her mouth were "Daniel kissed me on the LIPS!" I think she fainted on me cause it was a good three minutes of me holding her. J I love you VIC!!! Want to know how much? That much!!! J So we took a self portrait I think. You do NOT want to see that pic! Anyway the rest of the concert was like totally perfect. I was so happy, her being up there was like I was there too. It was the best! She deserved it! So now her newfound love is Daniel! I can't blame her, that kiss really did it. Sorry I don't have pics so you can see, but there was like 6000 witnesses! Some people I guess missed it. The concert went on and we kept flashing our signs. After the show, people started leaving, I took some pics with fans. Then I hear "WENDY!!!! WENDY!!!" So I look up and it was my sister yelling at me, and trying to tell me something. So I tried to make out what she was saying but I couldn't she said something about a friend.. Then my mom was telling me something too. Then all of a sudden, this beautiful girl starts waving at me!!! I mean big long waves, from where she was seated down to me, it was ANNA MARIA LASPINA!!! Waving at me!!!! I waved back, took two leaps and was on my way up there. I went straight to her, and she hugged me like if were life long friends, and she told me "wow, you look beautiful!" I said, "thanks so do you!" So we were chatting, how she was going to Vegas, and her CD is coming out next year. Hopefully she would be at the Leno show. I told her I will support her. SO we talked and took a pic. My mom and sis had talked to her too, my mom told her she misses her on there. It was cool. I might as well invited her to dinner. So after I talked to Anna, I went back and told Vic, and we got our stuff and vanished, back to Anna. Anna even saw the Kiss! My sister told me she was seated behind her, and when the kiss happened Anna was shocked and cheering, Anna is a witness! So we chatted a bit more with her. So anyway, it was a great turnout I loved every single moment!

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