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TV Performance Reviews

Jay Leno (Affirmation) - By Wendy

There was Wendy(another friend, holding Darren and Karl! The koala attacking Jay at the beginning is called Darren and the little koala, is called Karl, cute huh?), TAMMY (you go girl!!!!), my sister (deserves an award) and myself waited for the band outside. We waited there in the hot sun for 20 minutes when we see this black Lincoln, and it was the driver, Darren (passenger's side) and Leonie, slumped towards the back of the driver, with her head down. The driver missed the entrance and kept driving. We thought it was because they saw us and didn't want to deal with 4 fans! Then we see the car turn around and head toward us. OK, we had all promised not to scream, except for me and the other Wendy, we did NOT scream!!! But my sister and Tammy did, not to loud, it was CUTE!!! Anyway, Darren looks at us, and waves with two fingers. We didn't want to run after the car so we didn't. It was so damn hot we stayed for a little bit a left, we didn't have enough energy to wait longer. Sorry! Anyway so we are all pumped up! The whole day was pretty fast, driving past Starbucks hoping for Darren to be there, but NO GO! Anyway we met some other fans, who had great Darren experiences, it was a guy named Rigo I think! and his brothers name was Daniel! (Tammy.... *wink) Anyway, it was cool. We were first in line and we got to sit second row cause the first was taped off for VIP. Anyway my mom didn't want to sit in the front so she asked to be seated in the back, lucky mom, she got to sit next to DARRENs family! A section was taped off with "Hayes" on it. Anyway, it so happened that Elisa came out and was seeing something I forgot what, but she pointed Darrens parents out! So we were all like "WHAT???" We knew they were coming but we didn't know they were going to be at the top. Anyway this guy comes to pump the audience up, and his parents stood up and clapped along with the music, they were happy looking. I kept looking, and his mom saw me! I was like ok, wendy just smile. So I did, and she did too! So me and the fans went up to talk to Jay and he gave us a little interview, ummm, ok let me rephrase that "MADE FUN OF US!" It was all in good fun! Tammy said she was "A PROFESSIONAL Savage Garden Fan!" Which I thought was CUTE!!! His parents didn't do a thing! hmmm.... Anyway the whole thing was fine, now the good part! When we saw SG, my eyes were away from his parents and focused on him! OK, so Darren saw me, many times. I was telling him, who knows what, I forgot, but I was mouthing something to him. Maybe it was "look at my shirt!" Which THANK YOU TO KARA, said "When I grow up I want to be a POPSTAR" And it had a pic of Darren and Daniel as children! So it so happened at this time that Darren looked at me and winked! OK, now I know, that it might possibly be that he was going to do that anyway and I was looking at him, or he really winked at me. Anyway, the performance was great you guys saw it! Anyway,after the show we got extra tickets for souvenirs, if you want one let me know. I don't know how many I have but let me know.

After the show Mike, Jays personal assistant gave me the cardboard that says who is on the show! I have a pic I will send, or maybe put on a web page. Tammy got a pic from Lindsay I think!!! GO GIRL!!! ( I love this girl, she has GUTS!)

It was ALL GOOD!!! Any questions or if I can clear anything up.

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