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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Myrtle Beach - By Liz

i am speechless! i am lost for words! let me start at the very beginning! we leave home around 5:30am Thursday. we were stuck in a traffic jam for 2 and a half hours in Greensboro. finally around 8am we got out of there. we drive and drive! the whole ride to SC, wew listened to SG and the radio some when we got to Myrtle Beach. i wanted to see if they were talking about Savage Garden any and YES, they were! anyway...we went to holiday inn, unloaded out stuff. then we went to The Palace around 1:30pm to pick up our FRONT ROW tickets! while we were driving in the driveway, i saw about 4 HUGE buses. i thought "OMG! SAVAGE GARDEN!" i pulled my camera out really quick and started taking pictures. well, i look and i see the door to the tan/sand colored bus is open and there is a man with black really short hair standing there. at first i thought i was Lee. i took pictures but i do not know if it was him or not! anyway, the doors to the auditorium were open. i started crying and took pictures everywhere. i asked the woman if i could go to the door and look at the stage. she said i could as long as i didnt go in. well, it was SOOO tempting! anyway, i took a picture or two of the stage through the doors and then started taking more pictures of the lobby! gosh! it was soooo nice! so, we leave The Palace around 1:45pm and go down the street to get something to eat. well, we go back to the hotel and get ready for the concert. i was ready to go around 5:00pm! i wanted to leave then! lol. OMG! I Knew I Loved You just came on the radio! see, im writing this in the van. we are on our way to Jacksonville, NC to see the concert there! now, what you have been waiting for....the concert! lol. well, that night we go into the palace around 6:15pm and the doors opened at 7:00pm. we were walking up to the doors and i saw a sign that said "No camera. No video cameras." i instantly started crying! there were people standing outside staring at me! I DIDNT CARE! i wanted to take pictures! papa took my camera and MY 10 ROLLS OF FILM back to the van! well, we went inside and sat down in the lobby to wait for the doors to open. i was soooo stunned to see not many people at all! i was still crying! then 4 people sat down beside of us. a man, woman, and 2 girls. well, one girl saw me crying and said "are you going to be ok?" i said "i think so..." shes like "aww, come here...let me give you a hug!" well, she gives me a hug! gosh, i tell you...Savage Garden fans....they are the sweetest! she has been a fan since they came out! anyway...i met her friend and her parents! they are all very nice! and...i found out they were sitting right behind us! :o) so, then i saw people handing someone tickets and going in so i jumped up and got everyone else and said "COME ON!!!!!!! THE DOORS ARE OPEN!" well, i basically run to the door and give the woman my ticket! lol. then i find the VERY front row and find my seat and sit down! i was so amazed at how close i was to the stage! there was a red rope about 2-3 feet from the stage and there were guards sitting around the stage. well, i was so close, i thought i would just faint right then and there! lol. it was getting very close to 8:00pm and i started looking around the auditorium and it seemed as if there was hardly anyone there! when it got 8, i saw more people come in but it still wasnt what i expected! i expected more people! well, then i look down each side of the front row and i notice I AM THE ONLY PERSON WITH A SAVAGE GARDEN SHIRT ON! and...most of the people in the front rows looked like they didnt care and most of them looked like they were in their 20's-40's. please, do not take that personal or anything. i know Savage Garden has many fans of different ages! but...there was the one woman that was about 2 people down from me...i asked her "who is your favorite Savage Gardener?" she said "i just like some of their songs. i dont know who the people are!" that really made me kinda mad! i think the first 3-5 rows should be FOR TRUE SAVAGE GARDEN FANS ONLY! and there was a couple beside my grandpa. i asked the girl how long she had been a fan of Savage Garden. she said "Savage Garden? umm...i just like that song that goes "i knew i loved you before i met you". then i asked her boyfriend and he said "im just here with her. i dont even know this band." by this time, i was getting very angry! these people just wanted to hear a few songs and they were sitting in the front row. they can hear a few songs sitting about 7 rows down! TRUE SG fans want to be seen by the band. i was up there about to die for Darren, Daniel, and EVERY SINGLE SONG THEY PLAYED! well, at 8:05, Jessica Riddle came out and played some acoustic songs! her performance was over around 8:40. then, it was about 9:00 and i was getting soooo restless and i was wanting SG to come on! i started squirming in my chair and sighing and stuff. the people around me were just chatting away about nothing. they didnt care when SG came on! then, i heard the first part of "The Best Thing" and i heard Darren singing "never want to fly, never want to leave". I STARTED SCREAMING and then the lights hit Darren and Daniel. they were standing together in the back center of the stage! i wanted to get up sooooo bad and start jumping and screaming but i didnt because no one else in the place was and i thought i would feel like an idiot! now i regret that! now i wish i had stood up and not cared what anyone else in that place though! i was there to please myself by seeing Savage Garden, i wasnt there to please people behind me! well, Daniel goes to the right (my right) side of the stage and of course Darren is running all over the place! i am sitting on the edge of my seat. a few times i thought i would fall out! lol. i was sitting on the edge of my seat, taping my foot to the beat, i was clapping my hands, i was singing along and happened....DANIEL JONES AND I MADE EYE CONTACT! i was looking at Darren and then i turned to see that Daniel was staring at me! OMG! i just smiled so much! and you know that great smile Daniel has...whoa! well, i do not remember the songs in order but during "The Lover After Me", DARREN WAS STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE STAGE IN THE CENTER.....RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE! also, right before You Can Still Be Free, Two Beds and a Coffee Machine, I Dont Know You Anymore, and Santa Monica, Darren talked for a bit. he said he was happy to be there and he said to relax. he was going to take us on a journey to his heart. to show us how him and Daniel write songs. well, during YCSBF and TBAACM, i was crying. YCSBF is one of my favorite songs! Darren didicated that song to anyone who has been lost, who is lost, and to John F. Kennedy. then during Crash and Burn, i was crying more! Darren was still standing in front of me! Daniel and i made eye contact again! and Darren looked straight into my face! i dont know if they saw me crying or not but i was really was! then during TAS, was sooo much fun! NO ONE was into it so Darren started motioning for people to get out of their seats and have fun! well, guess what...I WAS THE FIRST TO GET OUT OF MY SEAT! lol. i was clapping my hands to the beat, i was tapping my foot, i was screaming and then i was sining along with Darren! he got down on his knees on the stage, looked me straight in my eyes and was singing "Compassion in the jungle, Compassion in your hands, yeah yeah, Would you like to make a run for it, Would you like to take my hand? yeah yeah" i thought i would die! :o) also when Darren was motioning for everyone to get up, my grandpa just sat in his seat with his arms crossed! Darren looked at my grandpa and saw him sitting there and darren pointed at him, shook his head and then darren crossed his arms and made a frown on his face then he yelled to my grandpa "GET UP! HAVE SOME FUN!" it was HILARIOUS! umm, during I Want You....Darren didnt do much running around like he usually does. lol. he made us scream though! lol! hes like "I WANNA HEAR YOU SSSCCCRRRREEEEAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!" baby, you bet i was screaming! lol. during TMD, he made us sing along! :o) IKILY was really good! OH GOSH! Chained To You! hahaha! the elvis prestley thing! i LOVED it! i cant explain it, you would just have to see it. Darren does a GREAT imitation of Elvis! thing i didnt really like that much was Gunning Down Romance. you know the Shadow Dance? well, Darren starts off singing and then angi comes out with him! well, darren does some things i would NEVER imagine him doing! sorry! how can i explain this? umm...angi has her back turned to us and Darren is facing her...angi has her arms up in the air and Darren starts at her hands and rubs down her sides until he gets to her knees! he grabs her butt! umm, he puts his head sideways at her lower stomach/crotch. sorry guys but i was getting really upset! i know its just stage stuff but still....i didnt like it. during hold me, Darren was standing straight in front of me again! have way through the song, he looked down at me smiled and waved. my stupid self....i just stoond there in amazment and smiled and waved back! then the very last song of the night...Affirmation. that was great! darren would do hand signs and he wanted the audience to do them with him. i caught on quick! first it was a heart with your hands! also, everyone was standing up during this song too. i was standing as close to the rope as i could. one time i thought i was going to fall over because i was leaning foward so much! lol. anyway...i was doing the heart sign and Darren pointed at me and smiled and gave me a thumbs up! i was like "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, DARRENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!" then we would do other signs. OK sign, peace sign, 2 thumbs up, and i think that was all. then at the very end, the whole band came over to the edge of the stage and joined hands and bowed! well, Darren was in front of me and daniel was to the right (my right) of him. then Daniel looked at me, smiled and threw his Guitar pick right at me! it fell on the foor on the other side of the rope...close to the stage. well, it was like i just heard a gun go off, i swoop down to the floor, crawl under the rope and grab it! darren and daniel started laughing at me! lol. darren was laughing so hard, he just about fell over! hey, that would have been fine with me. he would have fell on me! i was hold him and not let him go! lol. NO ONE else even tried to get Daniel's guitar pick! i was the only one! when i stood up, i turned around to the audience and started jumping, holding it up and screaming "I CAUGHT DANIEL'S GUITAR PICK! YYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then i watched as the band walked off of the stage and i started crying again! i didnt want to leave! i didnt want it to be over! after the concert, we met up with our friends again! we went to the back were the buses were. we stood around for about 45 mins and no one came out and then i wanted to get some SG stuff, so we had tp run back inside to get it. well, i was walking in the door and they were packing it up! i started running and yelling "NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want something!" well, i got a tour book (whoa!), necklace, and tour shirt. then we left! *sniff sniff*

Friday morning, we got up, left arond 7:00am. we were on our way to Jacksonville! well, we got to wilmington and my cousin, who went with us had never seen the Battleship before so we toured it for about 2 hours! that was my third time being on it and i got lost in the engine room and it was burning hot and i thought i would never find my way out and i started screaming! finally, i saw someone that worked there and i ran to him frantically asking "HOW DO I GET TO THE MAIN DECK. PLEASE HELP ME! IM LOST! I HAVE A SAVAGE GARDEN CONCERT TO GO TO TONIGHT AND I CANNOT MISS IT....PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEE HELP ME GET OUT! AAAAAAHHHHH!" well, he leads me the way out and i find papa and Anna (my cousin) and i wanted to leave! well, we are on our way to where we stay. we got there around say...1pm. well, i get ready for the concert and my grandpa gets ready too. well, around 4pm it starts raining really bad! my grandpa said "well, it looks like its going to be rained out!" i start screaming at the top of my lungs "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" well, then i said "can i call Camp Lejeune and ask?" he said "do whatever you want but i dont think we are going." well, i called and they said it was going to be a rain or shine event! YEAH BABY! i was happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i told my grandpa and he said it looks like more rain and im going to stand in the rain! i told him to take a rainsuit because i would stand in the rain! i dont care! well, it was 5:45 and THE SUN CAME OUT! it was clear! so, we heard the gates opened at 6:30 so we left at 6:00 and then we didnt get there until 6:45 because my grandpa had to stop at all of these placing asking for raincoats because we wanted to be prepared! lol. so we parked and we had to walk about 2 miles from where we parked! so we are half way there and i am taking my camera and then these girl come up to us and ask "do you have a camera?" im like "yeah! why?" she said "well, the guys are making me take mine back. they are seaching everything at the gate!" yup, there i went again...i started screaming and crying! me and my grandpa had to walk all the way back to the van and put my camera up and we had to walk back! by that time it was 7:30. i thought...OH NO, we have missed half of the concert! well, we didnt miss SG. we just missed Jessica Riddle and some of Cravin Millen (sp?) well, i met up with those people i met in Myrtle Beach, they yelled "LIZ, OVER HERE!" and they were waving their hands! well, they were VERY close to the front so i make my way through! she shows me the 7 ROLLS OF PICTURES that she got of SG in Myrtle beach and it was funny because the back of my head was in most of the pictures! lol. she said "Liz, you kept moving and everytime i took a picture, your head would get in the way!" lol. i thought it was kinda funny! grandpa goes off to look around and im up there with them and then this woman behind me says "you are Liz? are you on the internet?" im like "yeah!" shes like "i know you!" i was like "really? how?" then she says "are you a SavageAddict?" im like "oh yeah!" then shes like "you are SvgeGrdnLS!" and i think she said her SN was TessRase. it was really nice meeting her! :o) we hung out the whole concert! SHE CAN TELL YOU HOW CRAZY AND INSANE THAT I AM! lol! anyway....just a few things about this was basically the same except Darren was way more hyper, he took a swallow of water and through the rest of it into the crowd! i wish it was my way! lol. they didnt sing as many songs as they did in Myrtle Beach. Darren and i made eye contact and DARREN POINTED AT ME and smiled. I THINK HE REMEMBERED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o) ALSO, Daniel and i made eye contact and i think he remembered me too! :o) was a great concert! BOTH were great concerts! :o) i seemed to have been way more hyper at the one in Jacksonville because PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY GETTING INTO IT AND I LIKED THAT!

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