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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Philly - By Kara

First I want to say I had a chance to meet people from the BBS and some people from several lists. Everyone was so nice!!! We had a great time! First I had made up a gift bag for Daniel since it was his birthday. I filled it with chocolates and a stuffed golden retriever. I also made up a basket for Darren as well. Well, my friend Linda had I arrived early (about 3:00) and we saw all the tour buses so we figured they were already there and I was hoping to catch them going in as I really wanted to hand them their gifts in person but now we had to figure out away to get the gifts back and be sure they were given to the right people!

Just then a van pulls up from a radio station and a few fans begin to arrive so we walked over to the DJ and asked if they were there to do an interview and he said no we are waiting for the concert winners. Then he asked if I were one. My answer was, "Well If you let me be one." (he he) He kinda grinned and walked away. Hey, it never hurts to try right? : ) So while I was standing there I decided to asked the girl at the box office if there were any good seats left? I had 5th row already but she said, "I can give you second row front and center. These seats were roped off from the rest of the seating so you would be about four feet from the stage." We were like, "We'll take them!" AHHHH!!! (When we did go to our seats, no one showed up for the two seat right in front of us, the front row!!!!!) At this point I approached the DJ once again and asked if the would be able to take the gifts back but he said I'm sorry I can't BUT then he said, "Well, if you girls just happen to follow the contest winners back, and no one question you I bet you could give them to the guys your self." What a great surprise, we were so excited but a bit nervous, we didn't want to get caught but we did it!!!! First they had us sit in the venue and watch them put the stage together. Leonie walked out as did Karl and then were saw everyone on stage starting to preparing for the show, everyone but Darren. They were all so tan, must have been that Florida sun! ; ) Then a guy from Sony came over and said okay now we are going to the Green Room to meet Darren. This was so much fun!!!! We had no Idea what these contest winner won and WOW it was great!!! So off we went! Leonie came in first and introduced Darren. Darren walked in looking stunning as ever and a tab bit tan as well! He talked for a few minutes and answered some questions. He was just sooooo sweet!!!! I think he is the nicest person I have ever met!! I know I don't know him but I have meet him four times now everytime he is nicer and nicer! I just wanted to take him home! LOL Now that's what I call a souvenir!!

Next the radio station took a few group pictures and they handed out an autographed photo from the guys. Just before they left I handed Leonie, Daniel's gifts and she said it was the first one he had received! She said they had a small party on the bus for him on the way to Philly. (Hope they took pictures) Then I gave Darren his basket and he could not have been sweeter. He said thank you so much and it looked like he had a tear in his eye which made me tear up. He said Oh I need a hug and a kiss. No problem!!!! His hugs are so nice and his sweet kiss on the cheek, I was in heaven. (actually I didn't want to let go) He gave Linda a hug and kiss too! Then they had to leave. So as we were leaving the guy from Sony said, "Um, where are you two going?" Ooopps!!! Um, Leaving? He said no lets go watch the sound check, AHHHH!!! The whole day was like a dream. This time Darren came out and sang a few songs. It was wonderful.

Now came time for the concert, it was amazing! We were sitting so close I could see the veins in there eyes! LOL Daniel was so sweet he was waving and smiling to everyone! We got quit a few smiles ourselves! Elisa was so nice too she was waving and smiling as well! Heck they were all smiling and having fun! Darren pulled a girl up on stage during "Hold me" and she handed him a flower then she grabbed his hand and placed a ring in him! He laughed it was so cute!

That had to be the best concert I have ever seen. Everything was so well planned and they were so professional! Darren sounded fantastic! It went by so fast. I didn't want it to end. But during the last song Leonie and another girl crawled up to the stage hiding from Daniel and at the very end they sprayed him with silly sting and shouted "Happy Birthday!!! They had their cameras so I have a feeling they will be posting them on the updates keep a watch out for them!

Oh one more thing, I will was in line to buy a soda and this little girl who was about 9 or so keep turning around smiling at me. She was so cute! Then I heard her say to her mom, "It's her mommy, it's her." Well I was so confused and I asked if I had known them and the mother answered no but we know you! Apparently they had taped the "Today Show" and that little girl recognized me from the tape! I was shocked! How funny is that? I was only on for a second but the little girl wanted to know my name so she could tell her friends?!?!? LOL My five minutes of fame! The little girl said she loves Dan and during the show I couldn't believe he handed her his guitar pick. If he only knew what the must have met to her! : )

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