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Mimi: Just testing it out....I will sit here and babble for a little while to try to get it the length many of the thank you notes will la la....don't you just love this? Love the guys, love their bums, love their hot hot! Okay I think that's enough now...well, I hope anyway...LOL

Liberty: Doing the same thing again...thought I was use bubblehead's name here for the second testing example. Gotta give credit where credit is due and she did a super thing coming up with this idea. All hail Liberty. Is this long enough yet? Probably not but I am ending it anyway.

Lori: Now we'll toss in a sample ramble for Lori...the hairspray Goddess. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a viking, just get too close to Lori sometime. She outta wear protective head gear with so much hairspray..well, technically she does. A cannonball could fall on her head and she would suffer no injuries! Long enough.

Cindy: Wouldn't be a complete OT babble-a-thon without Cindy's name on here. Do you think we should add shameless website plugs on here as well? We could each put our web addy's under our notes for those who are applicable? Or would that be overdoing it? Your guy's call!

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