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~Trinity~'s Story

Whoever said dreams never come true is the dumbest person ever to live. For the past years, I've dreamed that one day I'd meet my inspiration for getting through the day, my inspiration to put up with the obstacles of life. Who would think that ordinary Trin, senior at a high school from southern California, will have gone through the week from gawking at T.V. appearances to actually shaking the hand of and hugging the lead singer of pop band Savage Garden, Darren Hayes. It still seems surreal to me as I think of all that has happened this week, everything happening so fast. It all started as a spur of the moment action. Talking to a fellow fanatic fan/friend from Mission Viejo, we decided to make a pact to see Savage Garden as much as possible, since they were in L.A. for two weeks for promotion of their new album. Here was the list:

1.) Jay Leno January 11th
2.) 98.7 Star Lounge January 12th
3.) Politically Incorrect January 13th
4.) Donnie & Marie January 14th
5.) American Music Awards January17th

So of course, we knew we were going to have to make some huge sacrifices. We both had something really important to attend; school. Our adventure started on Tuesday. We both had little hope in meeting them, since I had had a bad experience before during their 1998 concert at the Greek Amphitheatre and Kristen nearly died getting to the concert late. I was close, but silly circumstances didn't allow me to meet them then. The Jay Leno Show started taping at 5 and we arrived at 5:15. Kristen and I both walked around NBC studios, checking out the place for some glimpses. We weren't able to get tickets, so we stood around in front of the Jay Leno show on W. Alameda Avenue. Peering through the glass doors we could see people dressed in fancy clothes, and not one person acknowledged us two crazy lunatics. Like a savior, a man in a green Jay Leno jacket walks out. So here was the point of no return. I asked him if he had heard of the band Savage Garden. He responds, "Yeah, I think they're performing tonight (acting oblivious to the fact that we were probably huge fans)." We asked him if they were going to exit out this way, and he told us that the stars always exit out another street. Knowing that the taping ends in 10 minutes, we ran there to find two paparazzi-like guys waiting for Anne Heche to come out with Ellen Degeneres. They talked to us for a while, giving us strategies. They told us to keep out for incoming cars that would pick up the guests. We saw a four door black limo come in with the license plate "9 music 9" and we figured that this was "The Car" that would pick them up, since they were the only musicians that night. Then we waited. We saw all kinds of porsches and corvettes pass by, even Jay Leno passed by in his blue truck. After Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres passed by in their black SUV, the paparazzi guys left. It was around seven, that the first small black limo came out with the license plate, "NY Gem." By its side was a bodyguard in a go-cart with flashing lights, saying "no signatures tonight." Being pitch dark, we couldn't see who was inside. Some girls who were bragging to us that they've met many stars by chasing after them, jumped into their car to follow it. Turned out later, we found out out those girls got to meet Daniel Jones. By then I thought I'd never meet them because New York is the lead singer's favorite place, and the car with the license plate "NY Gem" was long gone. About ten minutes later, a white van comes out with all the backup singers and band, but they speed right by acknowledging us by waving but not stopping to sign our pictures and CD covers. An hour passes by, and I can feel the same empty feeling I had two years ago. Every car that passed by, we would jump out at and peer in hoping and praying it would be Savage Garden. By then Kristen became restless and impatient. She and I were both giving up hope. But something inside me yearned and knew that there was something missing; like perhaps that small black limo from earlier with the license plate "9 music 9." Sitting on the ground now, Kristen, two other girls, and I are discussing about the next day's plan. All of a sudden, like a knight in shining armor a car comes out of the now empty parking lot. All of our eyes follow it but are bodies did not move. The car slows down and comes to a stop around the street corner. By then my eyes met the back of the car and it said, "9 music 9." The back window rolls down slowly, and there he was. Flawless as ever. By this time we were all thinking that this was a mirage, a hallucination. In the cutest Australian accent he says, "Aw!!! You guys are soooo sweet, if only I had knew you guys were waiting out here." The next second we were over there. I shook his hand through the window, and had said that it was great to meet him in person. He told us that he was very sick and I remember asking him to make me sick too, and he responded with a soft laughter. I handed him one CD cover to sign, but being so incredibly sweet as he is, he voluntarily grabbed my other things to sign. I was delirious. I pointed to the woman sitting to his left, and screamed out if she were Leonie and shook her hand too. Then I shouted to the chauffeur saying that I knew he'd come out, and he started laughing too. We were all so crazy, shoving each other out of the way selfishly. Kristen and I were shoved, making a dominoes affect. It was one crazy night.We asked him if he would take us with him, and he told us words that I'd never forget if my life depended on it."Listen to your pop star.I need to go" So when the car left, watching it go this time wasn't so sad because I knew that my Savage Garden adventure was just starting.

So the next thing on our list was the appearance on the 98.7 Star Lounge right down the street from Jay Leno. All day I planned and packed to perfect the moment where now I would actually meet both the lead singer Darren Hayes and lead instrumentalist Daniel Jones and take pictures with them. Hoping for a good Australian kiss or hug. But that afternoon I heard from two special friends of mine that were taping the show for me while I was gone that they had heard that it was cancelled since Darren was sick. So I was bummed, and our journey was postponed one day.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher was unbelievable. This was a show we actually had tickets to, and front row also. It started taping at 5:30 but we weren't sure if Savage Garden was going to show up. So I called them, and was told that there weren't any cancellations as far as they know. We waited in line since three o'clock and met some really nice people waiting like us, but not for Savage Garden but Melanie C of the former Spice Girls. Darren Hayes surprised us by bleaching his hair, and I don't think he's ever looked so beautiful. He looked pretty good for a guy who is suppose to be sick. During break he turned to us and told us with a cute gesture( a talking hand) with his hand that he'd come and talk to us later. But in the end the politically incorrect people rushed the guest stars out, but he turned to us to give us a final wave and flashed us a peace sign. He expressed himself very gentlemanly and intelligent compared to the ignorant Warren G when during an argument about the definition of music, he came over to Warren during break to apologize if Warren took his comments in the wrong way. Warren didn't deserve the attention. So you can probably see me on T.V. now, I'm the Asian girl with short hair leaning over into my friend's seat, in order to be on camera behind Darren. Hehe.

Donnie & Marie and the American Music Awards were appearances I had to miss because I had work. Kristen went to Donnie and Marie but had no luck, though she did have fun touring the Sony Studio. January 17th I had to work, but thanks to modern technology I was able to time tape their appearance on the American Music Awards. I'm just jealous of my sister for being so close to the Shrine Auditorium, and being able to see all the stars. Savage Garden had done a beautiful performance, singing their new single, "I Knew I Loved You."

The happiest moment of my life occurred on January 18th, around 5:30. I actually got to meet, HUG, and conversate with Darren and Daniel. BOTH were incredibly sweet, talkative, and polite. I've never been sooo happy in my life. Now all I'm doing is sitting at home, watching my videos, looking at fanzines, listening to CDs and just waiting till they return to America for touring this summer. If only I can describe all I've experienced into words..Thankyou Kristen!!!

Just when I thought that they were never going to return before the tour, another miracle occurs. Believing that Savage Garden on a second Jay Leno was a rerun, most of us couldn't believe our luck. On March 16th, my idols appeared on Jay Leno to perform the most beautiful gig, singing the next released single Crash and Burn. Darren sang like an angel, and looked into my eyes as I mouthed the words to the song with him. Although Jay didn't interview him much, the three words he said were ringing in my ears, haunting my memory. Kristen and I had woke up early, ditched school, and begged for Jay Leno tickets. By then it was all worth it. I had met some very special people there, even though I never learnt their names. Thanks a lot, "Nsync Boy from Texas" I wish I had gotten your name. We waited after the show to see the band all leaving at the same time in a black forerunner. Darren of course, rolls down his window to apologize to his fans that the driver needed to go. Being the luckiest of the group at the time, I was the only one to get a signature and get a photo of them leaving.

I never saw Darren so incredibly wonderful, amazingly funny, and congenial as I had when I saw him on VH1's the List on Sunday, March 19th. He was obnoxious and incredibly modest when a huge group of unexpected Savage Garden fans showed up cheering for him. He wrestled with Bobcat guy, and stuck to his brilliant perceptions on "black and white" music videos. His favorite videos were some eighties video (weird graphics), Michael Jackson's with Janet in it, and Madonna's Vogue. All the Savage Garden fans of course voted for Vogue or for Truly Madly Deeply (write in). He had been taunted by the "jokester" between breaks, and got even by grabbing the microphone and returned the compliments by checking out the guy's ass. What cracked me up mostly was when he rose the roof with both hands, acting like what you called; "black," with the most gentile Australian accent. At the end of the show he threw a cup of water into Bobcat, and jumped onto his back. Even with all the violent and hilarious actions, sweet as ever, Darren came over to his fans to sign autographs. I know now that anything can happen; never assume the impossible.

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