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Victoria Meets Wendy (And a few more!)

The Jay Leno Show: The first show I went to when I met the Savage Addicts

I remember that my friend Debbie and I got up at 3am and rode the Metrolink bus for 1 and a half, we then took a 30-min bus ride to Burbank studio. We went in line and waited at 7am to get tickets to see Savage Garden on the Jay Leno show. I waited and I kept looking back. There was this guy who looked just like Darren in line. I kept looking back and back and all of a sudden I heard a girl ask a group, " Are you Victoria?" I leaned over and replied, " I'm Victoria." This is when I met my friend Wendy. Her friend, the one that looks like Darren is her friend. He is a cutie. Her and I talked and we became instant friends. There was another group behind them, which were Kristen, Trin and Susan, who I met later in line. I felt an instant bond between Wendy and I when we met. It was so cool. I felt a bond with the others also. My friend and I got a ticket and went to wait in line. Here I met Wendy sister. I still promise to make her an award. This girl is amazing! She will wait in line all day, all hours, to see Savage Garden. She totally deserves the dedication award. Hours later we went around because we were hoping to see a sight of Savage Garden. Wendy, me and the others, in whom I met made a great sign. We went over and waited for them to arrive. We made a sign saying something about being there since 4am etc. which is true because my friend and I took a bus ride to LA At 4 am. My mom had to go to work, so I couldn't use her car, so we had to take the longest train ride! So there we were with our signs "4 AM GALS." And Savage Garden came pulling up in a big white fan. I glanced and I saw Daniel's spiky hair and a good view of Anna. She smiled and waved at us, They were reading our signs. But they moved on. Later when the driver came out, without the band he told us that they wanted to stop but there manager wouldn't let them and that they loved our sign. I was so happy! So, we walked around and got back in line, no one was there. Excitement filled the air. Savage Garden is here. No matter where I went, or what I did between those hours, the very simple thought that I was in the same area as them created such emotion I cant even explain! So, we waited, sang IKILY, IWY and danced in line. Time went by and we were finally able to go inside. We waited in line from 8-5pm. We did take a tour of NBC, in which was very boring, but we hoped to see the band. Wendy and I did get a glance of Darren walking down a hallway. It was awesome that we saw it alone. We were let in and we got good seats. We sat and waited for hours and hours for SG to come out. We entertained each other doing movements and joking with the security guard. He loved us. We did some awesome movements called ' The Sprinkler and The Lawnmower." The security guard was rolling! Then the band came out and Darren sang, " IKILY." I felt the love and electricity in the air. Of course each of us, including me, felt that he was singing to us. It was so awesome! I had a great time!!

The Next Jay Leno show that I went to was interesting. I met the same fans again but tickets were sold out. Someone from Star Trek was going to be a guest, so there was like a mile long of space fans. They were making all these weird noises and stuff. I was laughing when Kristen told me this. There was a group of cute guys from Texas, so it was awesome. My friends and I went around asking, begging, for tickets. I got one and told my sister that she was going to go and not I. I have seen them perform before and she hasn't. By the end of the day, we all got tickets. Praise god! We did have some arguments on who was sitting here and there but, once we got in it was all-good. Savage Garden performed 'Crash and Burn.' We screamed and hollered, even Darren signal us to be quiet. It was great and again I got to hang out with my friends. We waited after the show in hope of seeing Darren. I swear, this is like the Paparazzi hang out. I now know how Princess DI felt. When Darren pulled up fans became anxious. They pushed and shoved towards his car, flashing like crazy, Darren was flinching his hands in his face, waving them in the air, I was yelling in the back to back off, girls screamed 'Darren, Darren, I love you. Wait Darren.' He panics and said he loved us but wasn't feeling well and had to go. He left. Interesting enough I must say that I had a great time going to Jay Leno. The wait is long and I still cannot believe my ears when I heard someone leave the show saying, " David Letterman is much better." The point is this is where the Savage Addicts attend and hang out at and first met. I got to have lunch with my friend Kristen, we all danced and sing out loud hoping they would hear and talk about good times. I made some great friends, Wendy, Kristen, Trin and Susan and more. I met so many people and the first thing I asked was, " Are you on the Savage Addicts." It was all worth the 4am-bus ride.

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