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The Addicted Owners

Hi! You really wanted to know about "us", the chica-cherry-chics, didn't ya? *snicker* Well, on this page, we will tell you "This Side of Me" oops, I mean "Us" *grin* Enjoy!

This side of Liberty a*k*a Daz_Libby: "Truly, Madly, Deeply want to know more about "This Side of Me"?? *falls over laughing* sorry, i couldn't resist!!!

Some of the things that I adore:

Daz....Daz.....AND MORE DAZ!!!! I admit, I love everthing about Savage Garden. Darren has one of the most unbelieveable voices I've ever heard in my life. The man gives me chills!!! I am in complete awe of the guy's writing abilities. Everytime I listen to one of their songs, I am blown away by how deep their lyrics are. Since I've seen the majority of the guys' videos, I realize that their talents go beyond musical art. They, to me, are the full package, musically and visually appealing. Did I say visually appealing?? Oh, that reminds me of that buttshot of Darren. *falls over laughing* sorry...i went there again!! I have yet to find a Savage Garden song I don't like, and I doubt I ever will. However, one of my favorite Savage Garden songs is "Universe", because...well...the idea of Darren and the line "I want to take you as i find you...imagine our clothes are on the floor" is...well, it speaks for itself. *falls over laughing* ok...seriously, I had heard the song "Truly, Madly, Deeply" a few times, but it wasn't untill i saw the guys on VH1's "Hard Rock Live" that I really discovered them. This is mostly because they played other songs of theirs. After that, I bought their CD, and the rest is history!!! Soon after, I created my own Savage Garden webpage so I could share my obsession. I met Nikki through her page, we soon realized we both had the same addictions (me with Daz and her with Dan. *giggles*) and we desided to combine our forces and help the rest of you feed your addictions. *giggles* wah, now I've rambled on and I haven't said too much else about myself. Well, my tastes are diverse to say the least. If you want to see another side of me, check out my non-Savage Garden webpage at: Liberty's Wrestling Fantasies Oh, and before i forget, my ICQ # is 9263924. If ya gotta share your addiction, give me a buzz!!! ta-ta for now!!!

Truly, Madly, Deeply, Libby!!

This side of Mimi a*k*a Mimi-Me & Liberty's Evil Twin!

Are you sure you want to step into my "Universe"? Good! "I Want You" to! (hey, I gotta follow

Some of the things that I adore:

THAT VOICE!! THAT SOUND!! THOSE LOOKS!! THAT STYLE!! THOSE SMILES!! Need I say more?? I became addicted to Savage Garden right off the bat. I had seen the video for "I Want You" a few times on VH1 when it was first released. Every time it was on, I just sat and watched...MESMERIZED! I wasn't quite sure why at first. There was just "something"! After about 3 weeks of seeing it at various times, I was sitting in my living room with my friend Amy when the video came on. Both of us watched the first half of the video in complete silence. Then I casually remarked to her, "That guy has got to have the most perfect facial features I have ever seen in my life"! Needless to say she agreed! OH if we only knew what we were about to step into starting the moment I said those words! - *giggles* - I went out and bought their CD instantly. I was totally and absolutely amazed! EVERY song sent my heart for a loop! I was so impressed by their sound, Darren's voice, and their lyrical abilities! I have been faithfully OBSESSED since that day and have not lived to regret it, nor do I think I ever will! I thank the lord above for giving them the chance to produce music and allowing all of us to enter into the realm known as "Savage Garden"! Like Libby, I also have another side of me (another obsession the two of us share. Freaky, eh?). To see THAT side of my visit my wrestling page, The Stinger's Web. You can also contact me by ICQ or AIM. My prison number is #5540325, and my screen name is MistressMims. To find out more about me, visit Mimi's Domain.

This Side of Nikki a*k*a Serenity.

Well, you obvioulsly know my name, so I can't tell you that, and a woman never reveals her "true" age, *giggle*

Some of the things that I adore:

I wouldn't mind seeing Daniel do a striptease for me! *grin* but I do admire Savage Garden a lot. They're music inspired me to do a webpage about them, and so it was that I did. I figured I owed them that much for getting to meet them backstage at the Houston Venue. I will put up a few pics from the concert later..when I can find which disk I stored it on! lol! Savage Garden is an excellent band, with two great guys! I have to give some mention to the rest of the band too, or they wouldn't be *takes a deep breath* Thanks Anna, Nicole, Karl, Ben, Lee, and many many many many others! *whew* I have a variety of music that I adore and one of my favorite female artists is Sarah McLachlan. I do have a page on her, but I haven't updated it in quite a while. I have been working a bit these past few weeks on my main SG Site to keep it looking good, and so far, I'm not doing to bad with the help of my friend Lisa..maybe I should start calling her "Left EYE" But, I'm going to quit rambling on now, and just say G'Day to all my internet friends out there, and if you have ICQ and are an SG can message me (# 20644559) Kind of sounds like a prison number! *Open C Block!* Well, enough of me and my bullsh*t! Keep smiling and StAy SaVaGe! :o)

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