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Savage Garden Concert Reviews

Wisconsin State Fair - By Mimi

We had decided a while back to all meet at Denny's near the airport for lunch at 1pm. We (we meaning me, hubby, and my best friend Amy) were late, and I was fretting something awful. We went in and got permission to search the restaurant for Libby Cindy and Lori (and I am SURE the patrons dining really appreciated the three of us standing over their plates scrutinizing them for any sign of recognition), but we could not find them. We went back outside and waited for a few minutes, and then they arrived. Hugs and "It's so good to meet you"'s were exchanged, and we went in to eat. The common bonds between Addicts became apparent as Lori, Libby, and Cindy all placed their orders accompanied by "no tomatoes, no mayo, no this no that", (every single one of us were also wearing black...totally unplanned!! It just coincidentally happened!). We finished eating and headed to the hotel, only to find we could not put our things in our rooms yet since they had not been cleaned. So off to the fair we headed.

As soon as we entered the gate, I realized I had forgotten our banner and the "addicts" roses in the car!!! So the others went on as I returned to the car. As soon as I got to the car, I realized my husband had the keys and I couldn't get in!!!!!! UGH! So I went BACK into the fair and began my search for the gang. After several passes by the grandstand, I decided to sit and wait by the ticket office for them to pass by. Good choice :) We had planned on trying to get in for the soundcheck, and as I was standing there waiting for them, I heard Darren start to sing TLAM behind the grandstand doors!!!!! I turned around and a teenage girl and her mother were standing by the doors, peeking through the crack. I went over and joined them, hoping to sneak a peek myself. Well, there was a park maintenance guy standing there emptying the garbage can and watching us. He finally walked over to us and said we could go in, but we couldn't let anyone see us!!!!!!! W0o0oh0o0o! So I snuck in and DIED!!!!!! Darren was sitting on the bleachers on the stage singing, wearing a pale muscle shirt, a baseball cap backwards, and denim shorts. Daniel was standing next to him playing his guitar, and (Amanda, prepare to SCREAM!) was wearing NOTHING but a pair of Hawaiian shorts!!!!! Wheeeeee! I am telling you right now that man has NO tan lines! LOL! Wowza!

Anyway, I figured the gang was in there, since that is what we were planning, so me, being an idiot, turned my attention AWAY from D & D and began searching the grandstand for the gang! Then Darren spoke to us (us being me, the girl and her mom) and asked if we wanted to hear a little TBT! I should have screamed, but I was still looking for the gang for one, and 2, was scared of getting caught . By this time it was obvious the gang was not in there, so I gave up and enjoyed my private show :) Darren sang the entire song of TBT, while I sat with my face glued to the fence, drooling Of course, in my excitement of getting a private show, I totally forgot to get my camera out and take pictures! *sob* Anyway, as soon as he finished singing TBT, a security guard came along and said "You have to get out of here NOW!" Pooh! So I left the grandstand and waited outside again for the gang.

Finally Amy and hubby came along. They told me that Libby, Cindy, and Lori went down by the tour buses in the hopes of running into someone. So we sat at the meeting point and waited until Lori, Cindy, and Libby came back. Libby dispersed our tickets, and then we split into two groups, deciding to meet up again in the front row.

Me Amy and hubby killed some time (that is where the cream puffs came in...LOL!), and then it was time to go in for the concert. I had emailed the park several weeks ago and asked about cameras. I was told they were NOT allowed, but I wanted to sneak mine in anyway to try to get at least a FEW pics. So just as we were going in, I ducked into the bathroom and stuffed my camera into my bra. I came out with lopsided boobs and asked Amy and hubby if it was too obvious...LOL. They said it wasn't too bad, so we went in. They never searched us at all, and once we got to our seats we saw people EVERYWHERE with cameras snapping pictures!!!!!! So hiding my camera was not necessary after all. Then came the next fun trick! Pulling it OUT of my bra with two security guards standing right in front of me!!!! I had to hold my purse up in front of me and pretend I was looking for something as I slipped my hand in my shirt and pulled it out...hehehe.

We were only sitting there a few minutes when a guy got on the mic and announced a group called "Phase 4". I had never heard of them before, and had NO idea they were part of the opening lineup! We were deafened by screaming girls as these N Sync duplicates came out. They were not too bad for being a boy band. I got some pics of them and will send them to the list if they turn out! They played about 4 songs, threw some t shirts out, then left. Within 10 minutes, Kina took the stage. She was AWESOME! She looked at me and smiled several times while I snapped pictures, so hopefully I can send those too when I get them! She played for about 40 minutes, then took her departure. Then Libby, Cindy, and Lori joined us in the front row. We waited for about 20 minutes while Lori kept pumping me up for what was about to come. I was near hysterics by the time they came on stage! It was sooo powerful, so amazing...I just can NOT put into words the feeling you get when you hear the opening chords of TBT! Amy and I hoisted our banner up in front of us, and Darren came up to the front of the stage, and put a hand above his eyes to block the light so he could read it!!!!! W0o0oh0o0o! That was a great moment! I won't give you a play by play of the concert, since you have read it in everyone elses reviews so far. All I can say is that it was AWESOME!!!!!!! They are soooo wild and happy and powerful on stage. It is the most unbelievable experience in the world. A few notes though:

1) When Darren was singing "imagine" he asked the audience to sing. We KILLED the last notes, and Darren started LAUGHING at us cause we sounded so awful! LOL! It was so cute!

2) Daniel has the most electrifying smile in the world, but as soon as you whip your camera up to CAPTURE that beautiful smile, he stops or turns! Grrr! Also, every time Darren and Daniel get within camera range together, one of them inevitably moves, making trying to get a picture with both of them nearly impossible! lol

3) They did pick a "Hold Me" girl for our concert!! This one happened to be a 5 year old little girl. She was absolutely PRECIOUS! They lifted her onstage, and Darren began singing to her. Then he motioned for a camera, and he kneeled next to her for a picture. She was soo cute! She put a hand on her hip and bent one leg, posing as the picture was taken! Then Darren asked her what her name was, and put the mic to her face. She got on the mic and I *think* she said her name was ellie. Then he asked her how old she was and she said 5. Then he asked her if she wanted to meet Daniel, and she shook her head yes. But when he tried to walk her across the stage to him, she didn't want to So Daniel came over to meet her. They posed for more pics, then Darren gave her a hug and asked for a kiss on the cheek. She kissed him and everyone gave her a hand. Then he gave her back to her parents. She was obviously scared to death, but she was sooooo adorable and so brave about it! Even my husband got a tear in his eye. It truly was one of the sweetest and most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.

4) Darren threw the drumstick right at us!!!!!!!!!!!! It came right above my head, but when I went up to grab it, the girl behind me got her hand on it first! I was a little disappointed, since I would have LOVED to have gotten it, but the girl behind me (she was a teenager) was crying hysterically and screaming, she was sooooo happy. She was a HUGE SG fan, and had a big stuffed teddy bear with a note pinned to it (she never did get to give it to them). So I was happy that if I didn't get it, at least a REAL SG fan did!

5) Cindy was harassed by a security guard...LOL! She was trying to take some digital pictures, and her digital camera has an active video screen that almost looks like a video camera when you are preparing to snap a picture. The guard saw it and told her to put it away. Lori and Cindy tried explaining to him that it was a DIGITAL camera, and not a VIDEO camera, but he would not listen and she had to put it back.

Okaaaaaay. When the concert ended, we all stalled around as people began to file out. Lori asked Lindsey for the setlist, and he gave it to her. He also tossed out a few of Daniels guitar picks. Then we stepped aside. During the concert, Leonie had came out and talked to Cindy, and told her to meet her by the gate about 20 minutes after the concert. We went to the gate and stood there, and security guards kept trying to kick us out. Finally one nice security guard said it was okay, so they left us alone. About 10 minutes passed and Leonie came out. She said it was alright to go back now, but as we started walking up the stairs, she said she could not take all of us :( So Cindy, Lori and Libby went back while Amy, hubby, and I sat by the gate and waited for them. Right after they went back I kicked myself for not giving them our tourbooks to get Darren's autograph for us, but alas, it was too late by the time I thought of it. They did take back their Savage Addict roses I made, and when they got in the tourbus, Darren snatched them away from them and tried smelling them. Cindy had to explain to him that they were silk roses, and were not real, therefore had no scent...LOL. Had I been thinking beforehand, I should have sprayed them with perfume..hahaha.

When they finally came out (they were back there an HOUR! Must be nice! I am sooooooo jealous!), we left the fair and went back to Denny's. We sat and ate while Lori passed around her 100+ pictures she had taken at her previous concerts. Needless to say, I saturated my hash browns with After we finished, we headed back to the hotel and settled in our rooms. Hubby went to sleep in his room right away, while us girls all gathered in mine and Lori's room. We sat around discussing the concert, and laughing our butts off at Lori's wit and commentary. I believe we made Cindy blush a few times with our obnoxiousness, and once Libby busted out laughing so hard I thought the police would come...LOL!!! It was sooooooo much fun and we had a great time goofing around and talking. Then Lori looked at the clock and realized it was 4am (yikes!!). Cindy, Libby, and Amy went to their rooms and we all went to sleep.

Lori got up somewhere around the crack of dawn, from what I could tell (I don't think this woman knows what sleep, and started doing her hair. I woke up to the sound of her hairspray, then drifted back to sleep. A little while later I woke again to her hairspray, then went back to sleep. Sometime later the sound of her curling iron being set down on the counter woke me up, then I fell back asleep. Once again, hairspray woke me, then back to sleep. Finally, the maid knocked on the door and yelled "Checking out or staying?" Lori told her we were checking out, and I gave up going back to sleep. 9am. Lori is STILL DOING HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From what I know, Lori had been doing her hair for 3 HOURS! And what is up with the maid knocking on the door at 9am?!?! Check out time is noon!!!!! Can't they let people sleep?! GAWD! Oh well, the rest of us (that did NOT rise at the crack of dawn to do our HAIR!) had to get up and get dressed anyway, since we had to get Lori to the airport no later then 10am. We dragged out, droopy eyed, hauling our luggage, and checked out. Then we drove over to the airport. Our first destination in the airport was STARBUCKS of course!!!!!! LOL! We even got hubby to take some pictures of the 5 of us, standing there with our Starbucks cups, to show Darren how much influence he has on us! LOL! Lori had to hurry up and check in for her flight, so we told her, Cindy, and Libby to go ahead while we finished getting our cafe mocha's. Then we went to catch up. We had to go through the metal detectors and baggage scanners, so we stepped in line. Hubby went through quickly, then Amy and I got stuck behind a guy. He put his briefcase (which was OPEN and had papers sticking out of it everywhere!) on the belt, then stepped aside, not going through the detector. Amy and I shrugged, put our purses on the belt, and stepped through. When the belt brought the baggage down, this guys briefcase came first. It stopped at the end of the belt, but then Amy's 50 LB purse came down, and knocked his briefcase right off the belt, spilling his papers EVERYWHERE! Amy and I rushed to pick them up and cram them back in, then snatched our purses and RAN! Hahahaha!!!!! We met up with the gang at Lori;s gate, and sat and gabbed and took pictures while we waited for the boarding announcement. Finally, the sad moment arrived and I fought back tears as Lori gave out hugs and we exchanged goodbyes. I really wish that moment did not have to come. We stayed around and waited while everyone boarded her flight, then stood and watched her flight take off. Then the 5 of us went shopping at a few of the airline gift stores. When we finished, we headed to the parking exit, and since we were parked on different floors, we stood at the stairs and exchanged more hugs and goodbyes. Again I fought tears as I watched Cindy and Libby head down as we climbed up.

Our drive home was complicated, which is why our normal 3 hour drive took us We got stuck in a MAJOR traffic jam for over an hour, do to a very bad car accident, and once we got on the last highway to take us home, we got stuck behind a MANURE TRUCK! Manure was falling off the top of the pile in the bed of the truck, and flying in the car windows! We had to roll up our windows (despite the fact it was over 100 degrees in the car!!!) to prevent being covered in cow poop. Then a little further down the road, Amy tried to set the car in fire, and we had to pull over while she distinguished the flames in the ashtray...LOL! And to top it all off, once we got going again, we got stuck for 2 miles behind 2 trucks painting lines on the road in a no passing zone!!!! UGH! So Cindy, Libby, were worried about us getting home so late, now you know why...LOL

Now that I have completed my novel, I can only hope you enjoy reading it almost as much as I enjoyed living it. Lori, Libby, and Cindy were all wonderful, and I can not wait to get together with them again! We had a great time, and I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet them and attend this super concert with them.

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